|The Book Ninja by Ali Berg & Michelle Klaus |Book Review | A Swoonworthy , Hilarious , Romantic Contemporary|

This is one book which I belive all book lovers would loveπŸ’˜ to read cause the main girl is a novelist , she works in her best friends book store and the best part is that to find the love of her life she starts putting her favourite books in her city’s metro /tram/buses so that the love of her life picks it up, reads it, and then when he reaches the end of the book he would come across her email , contact her and then go on a date with her (kind of like her own personal bookish dating system)

So the premise of the book is what pulled me towards reading it. The main character Frankie is a novelist who is going through a tough time as her second published novel doesn’t do well and just because she was going through a tough time her lawyer boyfriend leaves her. Which in a way makes her wary of lawyers (but fate definitely has some other plans). And getting tired of all the online dating sites plus listening to her best friends words of wisdom she comes up with the idea of spreading all her favourite books around the city in its transportation services as a dating experiment . Simultaneously she starts blogging her adventures with her dates ( reading those entries was absolutely hilarious especially the comments section in her blog and how slowly slowly the traction on her blog increased for her fun escapades)

During the same time she comes across the main guy Sunny . They go through a series of meet cute moments which were super adorable to read (which were basically them meeting at unpredictable moments). And I have to say Sunny was a very spontaneous guy and his actions sometimes really surprised Franky (in a good way). I really liked how the authors pitched the min guy being a YA reader and the main girl being a fan of the classics and what traditionalist consider to be the real books. It was really nice to see how slowly they accept each others choices & also how the main girl starts appreciating YA books , a genre of which I am a huge fan. So it was nice seeing her getting converted .

While still going on her bookish dating escapades Frankie’s meetings with the Sunny increase . In a way they slowly slowly start dating with a few hiccups here and there . And I have to say their story was super cute but also at the same time was filled with doubt and insecurity which will actually keep you on your toes cause there is a huge blast from the past for Sunny . And I can say that Frankie went through these feelings of doubt in the beginning of their relationship cause her last break up really affected her .

So there is also the side story of Frankie’s best friend being pregnant , her going through some emotional confusions and issues with her husband of 12 years . It was really sweet to see how her husband would come and talk to Frankie whenever he wouldn’t be sure about something or just to be able to understand his wife better . I felt through this the authors wanted to give us more perspective into their relationship and them as characters.

So if you want to read something cute , funny , bookish which will keep you captivated from the beginning to end with amazing character development then you should totally puck this one up.

Its the perfect cozy reading

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  1. Somya Sahni says:

    And my aims fulfilled. This is the reason why I love reading books and sharing about them . So that they can help make a bad mood better and I don’t know they just fulfill this void which sometimes life creates.

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