Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking -Susan Cain *Book Review*


There’s a word for ‘people who are in their heads too much’: Thinkers

Do you feel undermined for your social interactive abilities? Do people make you believe that something is wrong with you just because you are too quiet? Is your sensitivity seen as undesirable?

Then my friend, congratulations! You have come upon the book of your life (trust me when I say this) because your world is going to turn upside down after reading this beauty.

The title Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking, speaks volumes about how introverts are observed to be the weaker ones in the introvert-extrovert divide.

The talented author,  takes us on a journey of how each person fits in either of the two types and how it impacts major behavioral traits. Many generalized notions have been questioned and corrected. For example how the need for ‘alone time’ is valid.

Introverts need not be shy; shyness is completely different from introversion.

The book is very well schemed and filled with researched stories. It is divided in 4 major parts. PART 1 highlights the extrovert ideal and how this trait became popular in the “corporate world” with the myth of charismatic leadership. However, Cain is careful not to put extroversion into bad light (it’s not a competition anyway).PART 2 talks in detail about temperament and the difference between introvert-extrovert thought process. The best part being ‘Why Cool is Overrated’ (some of us really need to engrave this in our minds). PART 3 deals with cultural difference and how extrovert ideal became dominant from American society to Asian ones. PART 4 gives an insight into bridging the gap between the two types and helping quiet children to present their ideas in front of the world.


Readers who enjoy well researched, in depth and informative books will surely give a green signal to this one. For people out there who consider introversion as a social disorder, this book is an eye opener.

All introverts out there who have ever felt undervalued or taunted for who they are, Quiet will give them strength and positivity to embrace their introversion and unleash their potential. It is truly empowering. The world needs them after all; it’s been too loud for a while now.(Don’t you think so ?)

So sit back, get cozy and bring coffee (Yummy!)  maybe because it’s time to break some myths and capture the reality. Because reality is where at the end of the day we live in .

There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas

This is a GUEST BLOG written by a good friend of mine APOORVA JAIN who loves anything which is a composition of beautiful words joined together through a thread (though poems always win in her literary battle) . And edited by me! I hope you loved reading this book review as much as I did when I read the draft the for the first time (I personally loved the ending )  !

What about you , which is your favourite part ?

And do you plan to give this book a chance ?

Waiting for your views and comments!


16 thoughts on “Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking -Susan Cain *Book Review*

  1. Ragini says:

    Well I know I’m an introvert when it comes to interacting with new people. I’ll definitely like to read the book.
    Great review 😊

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  2. Karina says:


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