Almost Adults| By Ali Pantony |Book Review| Blog Tour|

This book revolves around 4 best friends who are all 27 year old , revolving around their romantic escapades , personal & professional dreams and overall them enjoying life and being the best of friends to each other. What I really liked was how each of them were so different and had different issues going on but were still their for each other and how their differences made it even a more honest book to read. I liked how the book focused on what one goes through after a break-up and how it can affect ones metal heath. That if one friend goes through a break up the other one in the group who is in a relationship might also get scared . How instead of being proper adults they were just winging their way through their 20’s learning adulting and doing their best . And the best part was that the book has been written through the point of view of all the characters which made me realise that all the 4 of them were the leading protagonists of the book and just made the whole story more understandable. It even made me realise that those people are really lucky who have such a tight-nit group of friends , its not that others are unlucky , its just the ones who have it are lucky.


The book starts with Natasha going through a breakup with her boyfriend of 7 years who out of the blue break ups with her and how it affects her. Through her character we get an insight into how a person deals with a break up and how it affects her self esteem leading her to finally go and visit a shrink. Through out the book we see her friends being their for her . Helping her remove the feel of Matt from her flat , encouraging her to go to a shrink and finding her own footing. Natasha in the ending of the book mentions how she gave so many of her pieces to Matt and that in the future she would keep a part of herself locked up which no one would have the power of taking away from her which really touched with me .

Next in the group is Edele who is the carefree member of the group living back with her mom after she gets fired from her PR job which she couldn’t do well as she had no motivation for it . Her friends rely on her advices and she just felt as a fire cracker trying to find what to do next. She represented how even in our late 20’s we can not be sure about our dreams and yes job is important but is it ever worth working somewhere you are not happy.

Alex is the history buff of the group who is an history teacher of high school students . We see her teacher effect with her friends too. She is a rock on whom her friends can always rely. We see her questioning her relationship with her boyfriend Craig of 3 years because of its similarity and in a huge way because she starts doubting their relationship because of what happened with Natasha and Matt.

Mackie is the mom of the group who has her adults life the most sorted . She works in marketing around graphics and layouts and has always considered her career and her friends the most important part of her life . We see her going through interviews to jump her job and find more growth .She even takes a pretty brave decision related to a would be relationship and I really apricated how the author handled it .

This book is about 4 friends being their for each other , who get
drunk together and stay together no matter time or distance or other
changes adult hood brings in our live.

I absolutely loved reading it.

Thank you so much Ebury Publishing for providing me with a proof and adding me to the blog tour .



5 thoughts on “Almost Adults| By Ali Pantony |Book Review| Blog Tour|

  1. Riza says:

    Wow, this sounds like a really charming book. I am in my 20’s myself so I feel like this will really hit right in the feels. Hope I can get a copy of this book! πŸ™‚

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