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Life really is what you make it so don’t settle for second best.!

Hello Everyone.!✨❀️

Thank you so much for hopping on my blog today for a Christmassy review of this pretty Christmas book. The cover of this book is a good prelude to the coming months of December and January . It will give a good kick start to your preparation for Christmas Cheer and New Year.!

So now coming to the book and what its plot line is all about. So the book is centered around Cedarwood Lodge (A place you will feel like visiting once you read the book). Clio Winters is moving back to her home town from New York after a fiasco there and buying this lodge feels like a good idea to her. Because along with going to New York owning Cedarwood Lodge was a childhood dream of hers. Back home she ends up meeting her best friend forever Micah whom she employs as the lodge manager. Two more people join her who are Kai a contracted to supervise all the construction work (who looks like a model outside a surfing machine ) and Isla who is a gardener to trim down the vast stretches of haphazard greenery growing on the grounds of the Lodge. After a few chapters in the book Clios best friend from New York also joins her along with beau(Cruz) coming behind her. Clios mom and the forever awesome Aunt Betsy were pretty good characters fitted in the book.!

Slowly and slowly when you read the book you realise that Cedarwood was a kind of place of solace for all the lost souls , kind of a summer camp for all grown ups.! Various issues related to parenting were touched in the book related to adoption , how sometimes parents love their kid but due to reasons unknown stay far from them emotionally. And I really liked Amory and Cruzs story line. Their story represents what happens to human being. One day we want something and next morning our dreams due to certain reasons change instantly . And its during this moment we realize which relationships matter to us and which don’t .

Its just when it came to Clio and Kai’s story I was just pinning for a few more “toe curling moments” which ended up being a downer for me. Because I really liked the book but there was something which was nagging me and after doing some soul searching or lets say , book searching I felt I just wanted something more from their romance . Some moments which I would always remember.

There is a lot of food mentioned about especially Aunt Betsy’s Donuts which though just imaginary you will start craving. Due to Clio along with being a lodge owner is also a wedding planner you will see a lot written on wedding planning which was cool by me because I felt writing about that kept honesty towards character building.There is also a mystery which involves what happened with the lodge in the past and Clios mom has a connection with it. And how it turns was a mix of unexpected and expected .

So if you want a good push towards the festival season arriving you can definitely give this book a chance.!

Thank you so much HQ Stories for sending a review copy my way.



13 thoughts on “|Christmas At Cedarwood Lodge |By Rebecca Raisin|Book Review |Blog Tour|

  1. Somya Sahni says:

    Hey there .
    Yeah I just checked even Little Bookshop by Seine has been written by Rebecca Raisin (I guess I will have to check it out)
    And I really hope you enjoy this one. πŸ’—πŸ’—


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