|January Bookish WRAP UP|

I have never done a monthly wrap up post on my blog . So this year I felt let me start with it as it would help me keep a clear tab of the books I end up reading in a month because though I keep on updating my goodreads list the books don’t always end up staying in an order . And its also a nice way to document and give a short review for all my reads . And I know I am a little late with my January Wrap Up but I still hope you enjoy reading it.

1. The Murder Pit by Mick Finlay


I was part of a blog tour of this book thanks to HQ Stories . This is a Detective Novel with Mr. ARROWOOD being the detective . Its set in the same time when Mr. Sherlock Holmes existed . You can call both of them adversaries. If you are a detective / mystery / thriller books fan you would surely love reading it. You can check out my full review here

2. Forever Right Now By Emma Scott


This book was soooo good. So I have just recently started liking the single dad romance trope and this book has a huge part to play in it. It has so many cute parts in it that I keep on going and rereading them. The main girl is a recovering drug addict trying to go back into her dream of being a dancer and the main guy is a final year law student who ends up with his daughter Olivia when a one night stand goes wrong. So they end up becoming neighbors , good friends and also go through a tough phase together when Olivia’s grandparents try to take her away from the main guy . The book is extremely well written , super emotional and I have reread its last few chapters a billion times till now because they have captured human emotions so beautifully depicting how families our made by love and not by sharing the same blood.

3. One in a million by Lindsey Kelk


I have heard so many book bloggers and publicists talking about this book on Book Twitter plus the cover is so pretty that it got me thinking about reading it. And after writing a blog post where I mentioned my most anticipated reads ( where I have mentioned this one , you can read it here ) it gave me a huge push to finally read it. And lets just say it deserves all the praise in the world. It was that kind of romance novel that from the very moment the main two characters meet you can feel an amazing spark between them through the pages of the book. It revolves around the main girl who has started her own social media marketing firm with her best friend and a guy whom she has to make famous on Instagram because of a bet . They both are total opposites in personality with the main girl who is bubbly always surrounded with friends and working on and around social media and the guy who is shy , loves being with himself and a historical researcher trying to stay as away from social media . This book has talked about the harshness of the startup world money wise , how female entrepreneurs are bracketed and how you need to find someones who supports you and your passion and this goes both ways. And the main guy as per romance novel slang is a sweet/nerdy giant ( gooogley eyes )

4. Smooth Talking Cowboy by Maisey Yates

Smooth Talking Cowboy Cover

This is the last book I have reviewed on my blog thanks to a copy send by Mills & Boon . You can read my full review here . This book revolves around a girl who wants to get her ex boyfriend back which leads to fake dating with the guy who has always got on her nerves. Their back story’s are well crafted making us know why they did what they did. It was a fantastic read and after that I have read so many more books by Maisey Yates because this one made me fall in love with her.

5. Seduce Me Cowboy By Maisey Yates


This is a short novella which revolves around a girl who is tired of being the church Secretary so tries to find a new job and her boss who has a huge construction plus interior designing business . It’s about two opposite people coming together . It was a fun read which I liked but reading it after Smooth Talking Cowboy really paled this one for me and even because it had too many cliches .

6. Tell Me By Abigail Strom


This book I read because I saw it on a fellow bloggers blog post and its story line really caught me. It revolves around a girl who runs her own bookstore and a main guy who breaths and lives mountaineering and is the business partner of the elder sister of the main girl . It deals with their issues of not accepting their feelings , the unexpected death of the main girls sister and how she goes on a mountain climbing mission as a last wish for her sister ( and you need to know that she is super scared of even thinking about it ) . The way their relationship comes to be , the sweet parts , their problems every thing was so well written . Abigail Storm has definitely been added to my list for romance author’s to keep a lookout on.

7. Hired by Zoey Castile


Thanks to Kensington Books I got to read an E – ARC of this book. It’s a multiracial romance with the main girl being blackish and the main guy being South American (I don’t remember the country he belonged to , sorry) . They both meet on a bad day in a bar and a huge ball of attraction beams between them. The girls mom is running for Mayor of the city so the stress of that plus in confusing of what she wants to do with her law degree the girl is really stressed out . The main guy is part of a dance troupe but due to a more lucrative opportunity he leaves it but realises it was all a scam . So he is really sad about leaving his dance family plus he is an escort though he doesn’t have sex with his clients . So these two people come together and there are secrets in between , a lot of sex and love and overall a book which though looks fluffy talks about many deep issues indirectly.

8. Meant To Be by Alison Bliss


This is a novella I got to read thanks to Forever Romance . It’s a second chances romance novel set in a small city . The main couples relationship ends because the guy has controlling and anger issues . So what I liked was that there was a reason behind this and during their break up the guy actually starts taking therapy to understand his own weaknesses and actually is a changed man when they meet after a year . It’s a super sweet story which got me thinking that I should not write off the second chances romance trope because this one was really good.

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3 thoughts on “|January Bookish WRAP UP|

  1. kozbisa says:

    Emma Scott always gets me in the feels, and I was so, so happy with the story she gave to Darlene. I liked her a lot in The Butterfly Project and wanted her to get a fabulous HEA. The Happy Endings series is great too. I enjoyed Hired and can’t wait to get the next book.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Somya Sahni says:

    Hey there Kozbisa
    Darlene is one of the best characters I have ever read . The book had a perfect chemistry between the romance and the equation with the kid. I haven’t read Butterfly Project but now I guess I will give it a try.

    Even I am super excited for the next book by Zoey Castile. I haven’t read the first book in her series though I really want to. I haven’t been able to get it till now.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


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