"There is no intoxicant more dangerous than cheap money and excessive credit “- Benjamin.M.Anderson So as you might have guessed from the cover above this book is about someone who ended up making huge bucks. Well to clear the mystery, Greg Paulson made $4billion in 2007 by betting against the housing marketing (his bet was … Continue reading THE GREATEST TRADE EVER BY GREGORY ZUCKERMAN BOOK REVIEW


NaMo Caused DeMo Impact On Pepo And Eco!

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So on 8th November at around 8:30 at night in India the king of our economy Mr. Cash was dethroned from his magesticity and made a second-class citizen! 86% of the total value of currency in India’s cash-intensive economy was wiped out. This all was done by none other than our beloved PM Mr. Narendra Modi. Well a big question that looms is whether it was done to embed himself in history, to finally respond to the eradication of black money promises made during election or indeed in the goodwill of the nation.

Well there are three school of thoughts. One of them belonging to the not so creamy layer of income (and thinking). For the poor and the middle-class, anything worse than their own suffering is the suffering of the rich. The knowledge that the “baniyon ki Sarkar” was changing its stance was all that mattered to them. Seeing…

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A Collection Of Facts Mentioned In MR.Basu’s Book

♦AN ECONOMIST IN THE REAL WORLD: THE ART OF POLICYMAKING IN INDIA BY KAUSHIK BASU INTERESTING FACTS AND FIGURES MENTIONED IN THE BOOK♦ 1.                 Kaushik Basu became chief economic advisor on December 8, 2009. 2.                 As I got out of government car, laptop and briefcase slung over my shoulder, a man came charging and snatched these … Continue reading A Collection Of Facts Mentioned In MR.Basu’s Book