The Thing About Love| By Julie James | Book Review Of One of The Best Haters to Lover’s Romance Contemporary Out There|

This book. Just writing the review is making me giddy and swoony with how amazing this read was. I never knew I wanted this book in my life but it turned out to be perfect and above all it made HAPPY . Which I consider to be the highest bookish compliment ever.

Now coming to the plot and all its craziness and beauty . The book centres around two FBI agents Jessica Harlow and John Shepherd

who belong to the same induction class of Quantico (something we all know now because of Priyanka Chopra’s show). Jessica was one out of the only 2 female trainees in her class . From the very first day they had noticed each other and yes their was some sexual tension but the competitive aspect took the lead along with Jessica not wanting to get attached to anyone on her first day (the female ratio being in the back of her mind). So basically from the very first day due to certain reasons a rift develops between them which just keeps on increasing . It was really interesting to read how both of them had different views of their time in Quantico and the reason behind the tension between them. The book is written in both the characters Point Of View.

The book starts in Chicago about 10 years after their training where John is already posted and Jessica gets posted to , something which she opts for after getting divorced from her director husband . John also goes through his girlfriend cheating on him with his college best friend. Which makes him enroll for one of the toughest FBI program (Hostage Rescue Team) and goes for a selection process. When he comes back he ends up getting to know that he and Jessica would have to do an Undercover operation which might be his last.

Its during the undercover operation when they have to prove that the mayor of Jacksonville was involved in corruption charges where sparks between them start flying . Due to this they get to fly and live in a beautiful resort (totally adding to the temptations).

It was the crazy banter , really beautiful writing and just how the emotions were described which kept on making me like the book more and momor. In haters to lovers the transition from one to another is very crucial and the writer did an amazing job with it . They kinda actually end up falling in just about 2 weeks (which was totally understandable with their history). It was also really nice to see how the author had incorporated both Jessica’s and John’s family into the plot and how important home (both their families lived in Chicago ) was to them and how John is super conflicted about leaving home for HRT .

In romance nerd language John is super tall basically a giant (his height was something 6’ish) and Jessica 5’4 . The book was feministic to its core. And I have to say reading it along I felt it would become a really good mmovie . There is also a character rift of Jessica being a Ivy League educated lawyer and John being a normal graduate who became a Ranger and then joined FBI. Which also leads to a focus on in their departments in undercover work. This fact also adds a lot to the tension between them .

And the ending. It was the absolute sweetest . And the author definitely left me satisfied which was one of the best thing.

So if you are looking for a haters to lovers romance Contemporary then just pick this up . Trust me it won’t disappoint . It was a firecracker . Being emotional , funny , and heart to heart just so beautiful .

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3 thoughts on “The Thing About Love| By Julie James | Book Review Of One of The Best Haters to Lover’s Romance Contemporary Out There|

  1. Somya Sahni says:

    I am so happy that you are adding this one. Cause it will be totally worth it . This one took me by surprise that too a pretty good one. I hope you enjoy it too πŸ’—πŸ’—

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