Redemption Bay|By RaeAnne Thayne|Blog Tour |Haven Point #2|Book Review|

This is a small town romance which convinces you why small towns are worth it & trust me I got convinced considering I am a big hearted fan of the big metropolitan cities. The author has described the town of Haven Point very beautifully in the book that at times I had this inkling of going and visiting it .

The story revolves around McKenzie Shaw the half Latino , half white Mayor of Haven Point who loves her town and and is always selling it to us as readers and also to the main guy Ben Kilpatrick . So McKenzie was Ben’s little sisters best friend at 13 when his sister was going through a life threatening disease . McKenzie always had a crush on him . But due to Bens own disturbing family equation he leaves the town when his sister dies and when he inherits a huge chunk of Haven Point when his dad dies he doesn’t give too much interest in it leading to job loss and economic downturn for the city .

In the present day in the book Ben ends up becoming McKenzie’s temporary neighbor and though McKenzie blames him in the beginning for her city’s economic downfall she starts understanding his side and further starts selling Haven Point to him so that being the COO of a huge tech company they settle their new tech base their .

So my absolute favourite part about the book was that even after having fights and disagreements whenever the main couple would meet next day they would instead of holding grudges try to move on . That one fight or disagreement was not enough to break their budding relationship . I think this aspect made me feel that I was actually reading a romance between two grownups and this aspect in a relationship has always felt refreshing to read for me.

So the story revolves around the couple and how they keep on getting close to each other but at the same time the insecurity of Ben not wanting something long term coming between then. I believe this was more of a inner battle they both went through. They both respectively had a cute dog who also played a huge part in their relationship . Another thing common between them was their not so perfect childhood which ended up turning McKenzie into a person always looking for the positive and being patient and making Ben a cynic. I really enjoyed how they both made each other happy and ended up becoming a missing part of their life’s happiness puzzle.

It was a fast paced read which always had something new erupting true to its sense of that small towns are never boring. But I just want to say that I have read many small town romances so this one even after many unique factors was not something I ended up loving . I liked it but I honestly have still not been able to pin point why I couldn’t get the WOOW factor. After reading this one I actually went and googled all the books in the Haven Point Series and I have to say its always fun to read synopsis of other books in the series and relies that yes the author had subtly mentioned something in the one I just read.

I can sum up & say that this book is the perfect one day small-town romance read filled with sweetness , swoons , two headstrong characters & a plotline which never bores which is though at times predictable though in a good way.

Thank you so much to Mills&Boon & HQ Stories for providing me with a review copy and adding me to the bog tour.

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10 thoughts on “Redemption Bay|By RaeAnne Thayne|Blog Tour |Haven Point #2|Book Review|

  1. Nick says:

    This sounds super cute! I enjoy reading books set in small towns too though I haven’t read all that many. I will have to check this one out for certain.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Somya Sahni says:

    Thank you so much Jules. & yessss its how authors work with predictability is what matters. Like The Hating Game was super predictable but Sally Thorne’s twist made it one of the best Romance Contemporary ever written 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Somya Sahni says:

    Hey Nick. I am super happy that I could add this one to your TBR . And do you have any favourite small town romances out of the ones you have read.?


  4. Somya Sahni says:

    Bettie I super happy that you will checking this one out. The best part about small town romances I have realised is how everyone feels like family πŸ’—πŸ’—. Can you recommend me some of your favourites.?


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