The Secret Of The Sculptures By Monika Thakur Book Review


“You don’t know all this yet , perhaps you do not have all your powers yet . But be sure , they exceed mine . What I searched for , found you “

It took me two whooping days to read this book and the whole time I couldn’t predict what would happen next , which trust me is something refreshing for me. Time and again we come across those books which are different and leave us spellbound with their story weaving techniques, well this book did that to me . I enjoyed every moment of reading it . It tried mingling the present with the secrets of the past . It entwined a beautiful legend along with the protagonists present making you hope for more .

So the story revolves around Maitreyi and her best friend forever Aditi , it showcases Delhi during the summer break with Maitreyi back home from a foreign university and Aditi working as an intern at a museum under her college professors. The beginning is all based on chance encounters. With Maitreyi bumping into a Mr. Seth in her airplane , and then eventually everywhere . Our protagonist has this inkling that Mr. Seth had more to him then what could be seen , and an ability to look inside people. The mystery starts uncovering when both the girls go to the museum for a launching party of a newly found idol , with a mesmerizing story of a warrior princess , kingdom and war to credit its origin . And then eventually it gets lost with the  girls being at the wrong place at the wrong time .

There are supernatural elements at play in this book , which makes it moreover interesting. Such as teleporting , visions , sudden showcase of past events virtually . All in all it the book keeps you enthralled and mesmerized . The book was definitely a page turner with various interesting characters in the mix with a perfect blend of Indian mythology.

And no two college going girls can be left without  guys to partner them up with . So the two girls along with the guys who like them (and vice versa) go on a journey from Delhi to the hills of Belapur trying to undercover the thief and the story behind the idol . There being a lot of running away from the goons and trying to find the culprit.

But I personally felt that at some points the book got a little slow , and it felt as if the guys for the protagonists  wanted to be a part of the action without the girls being there, in a way trying to save them , which at points irritated me , so the comebacks the girls gave were perfect . Because more than girl/boy there is always power in numbers in an adventure .  And the protagonist has to be there everywhere (she’s of high importance)

So if you want to try a mystery, adventure book with the Indian context read this , because trust me it wont disappoint . It had the perfect combinations of emotions , come backs, situation and dialogues with the end making you want more . I personally feel that there should be a sequel because there is a lot more that can be unraveled .

“put a passably decent face on a guy and her friend would be insensible to all other deficits”







Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking -Susan Cain *Book Review*

There’s a word for ‘people who are in their heads too much’: Thinkers

Do you feel undermined for your social interactive abilities? Do people make you believe that something is wrong with you just because you are too quiet? Is your sensitivity seen as undesirable?

Then my friend, congratulations! You have come upon the book of your life (trust me when I say this) because your world is going to turn upside down after reading this beauty.

The title Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking, speaks volumes about how introverts are observed to be the weaker ones in the introvert-extrovert divide.

The talented author,  takes us on a journey of how each person fits in either of the two types and how it impacts major behavioral traits. Many generalized notions have been questioned and corrected. For example how the need for ‘alone time’ is valid.

Introverts need not be shy; shyness is completely different from introversion.

The book is very well schemed and filled with researched stories. It is divided in 4 major parts. PART 1 highlights the extrovert ideal and how this trait became popular in the “corporate world” with the myth of charismatic leadership. However, Cain is careful not to put extroversion into bad light (it’s not a competition anyway).PART 2 talks in detail about temperament and the difference between introvert-extrovert thought process. The best part being ‘Why Cool is Overrated’ (some of us really need to engrave this in our minds). PART 3 deals with cultural difference and how extrovert ideal became dominant from American society to Asian ones. PART 4 gives an insight into bridging the gap between the two types and helping quiet children to present their ideas in front of the world.


Readers who enjoy well researched, in depth and informative books will surely give a green signal to this one. For people out there who consider introversion as a social disorder, this book is an eye opener.

All introverts out there who have ever felt undervalued or taunted for who they are, Quiet will give them strength and positivity to embrace their introversion and unleash their potential. It is truly empowering. The world needs them after all; it’s been too loud for a while now.(Don’t you think so ?)

So sit back, get cozy and bring coffee (Yummy!)  maybe because it’s time to break some myths and capture the reality. Because reality is where at the end of the day we live in .

There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas

This is a GUEST BLOG written by a good friend of mine APOORVA JAIN who loves anything which is a composition of beautiful words joined together through a thread (though poems always win in her literary battle) . And edited by me! I hope you loved reading this book review as much as I did when I read the draft the for the first time (I personally loved the ending )  !

What about you , which is your favourite part ?

And do you plan to give this book a chance ?

Waiting for your views and comments!

How Airbed & Breakfast became Airbnb ?


“Creativity is the solution to all problems”- Brian Chesky , co Founder and CEO at Airbnb

For those who don’t know, Airbnb is an online marketplace where people can lease or rent short term lodging. The $31 billion company does not own any lodging but is merely a broker.

So how did two unemployed friends(3 founder joining a little later) became the founders of a billion dollar company.



Nathan Blecharczyk , Joe Gebbia , Brian Chesky (from left to right)


The story starts at Rhode Island School of Design where Brian Chesky met Joe Gebbia. On the day of graduation Joe says to him ‘Brian, one day we are going to be entrepreneurs’. A few years passed and one day in 2007 both of them quit their jobs and decide to start a company together. With absolutely no business idea and a $1000 in bank account and a sleeping bag Brian drove to San Francisco. Turned out the rent for Joe’s apartment was $1150. Strangled with debt they thought of an idea to provide accommodation in their apartment to people coming for a IDSA( Industrial Designers Society Of America )conference in town at the rates that were far less than an hotel. In 24 hours they built a website called and mailed the top design bloggers and in overnight Airbed and breakfast was at the top of the blogger’s page.

An idea that came 48 hours ago to save them from cash crunch was now live on the internet. To their surprise people from all over the world were writing to them. Finally 3 people who came to attend the conference , one of whom was an Indian slept on the airbeds in their living room and became their first guest.

It was then that it struck Brian what if you could book someone’s home the way you book a hotel anywhere in the world.

In 2008 they incorporated the company as Airbed and breakfast. They even called upon their “former roommate ” and “brilliant engineer” Nathan Blecharczyk, to join as the third co-founder of the new venture.  To fund the site they created special edition breakfast cereals with presidential candidates Obama and John McCain as the box designs. At $40 a box they generated $30,000 for company’s incubation. All of this created a buzz and in 2009 Y Combinator invested a whooping $20000 in the company as an initial investment ( they had joined Y Combinator’s 2009 Winter Class) . They were further funded by SEQUOIA CAPITAL . The name was now changed to Airbnb and it offered not only rooms and apartments but also castles, manors, boats, tree houses, private island and even an IGLOO, yes you heard it right.


Today Airbnb is the No.1 lodging website in UK. Many people who were on the brink of losing their homes through foreclosure due to financial hardship, have come to depend on Airbnb for additional income. It can be said that it has been a blessing in disguise to various people out there , just as it was one for the founders who got to live their “one day” dream by solving an intricate  problem .

but you need to know that the story was not as rosy as it seems and many a days they had to live on cereals only

This is a GUEST BLOG written by my best friend Umang Mittal who like me is a huge startup enthusiast . And edited by me! I hope you enjoyed reading it and came to know the story that you might have wondered about  !

Waiting for your views and comments!

My Heart And Other Black Holes By Jasmine Warga Book Review


We all have heard about depression , but does anyone of us really know what it truly is , except the ones who are going through it or have gone through it . Can we ever really understand it from outside. I guess at the end of the day more than understanding we have to be there for that person and stop belittling it. Because though we cant see it , it still exists for them as black holes , eating them up slowly from inside .

Frankly speaking this book has taught me a lot in just a span of 5 hours. So the synopsis is that Aysel( a very beautiful name I believe ) and FrozenRobot ( real name of the guy being Roman) meet on a internet site which helps in finding suicide partners , as doing the deed alone can make them back out , hence the support till no support. So this how the story begins , them unraveling each others problems , the reason behind the decision and why the blackness keeps eating them. Actually though they are sad through this they find someone with whom they can talk and share their sadness . Falling for each other and getting further away from their pact. Slowly slowly in the time of 26 days Aysel starts recovering , smiling , laughing and coming to the terms with her problem (you need to read the book to know them ). But Roman isn’t ready and Aysel cant let him die because he’s the reason behind her being better.

Aysel is a big fan of physics and always keeps on wondering that when people die what happens to their energy , because energy just changes forms .

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour and it seems like a minute . That’s relativity .” Albert Einstein

If you want to be intrigued , remember why human life is so beautiful and limitless , why dying is not the option , that depression is a problem to be faced and not to be hid under the mattress please read this book , because believe me you will love it .

So are you now planning to read it ?

And if you have , what did you feel ?

Do share your thoughts !



To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series & More


I love this book series , and this might be the first chick-lit book series I have ever read , without any hesitation or break . Lara Jean ‘s character is a real girl’s character , how we truly behave at home , how we all have troubling but loving siblings ( in her case two sisters, she’s the one in middle ) , and how family will always remain FAMILY. It shows a relationship which feels real and practical , and how our own dreams are supposed to our own choices , because we have to live with them at the end of the day.

This blog is for my fellow bloggers and the reading blogging fraternity to share that Jenny Han has just declared that a MOVIE is going to be made in the first book. How awesome can this news be . I am so so happy , this series was my best summer read and I am delighted.


Now just to give a synopsis of all the three parts in short ( for the ones who haven’t read and for the ones who want to remember its magic )

1.To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 

We all have crushes( it comes with being a teenager) and so does Lara Jean , but to get over them she writes love letters to those 5 guys , and stuffs them up in a box given to her by her late mother. One day all these letters end up being send to their recipient’s. And here begins the story . The real culprit being her younger sister Kitty . And then follows the answers of these boys. The main guy is Peter , her ex best friends ex boyfriend , who was one of her good friends in middle school . They both start a fake relationship ( for their own reasons) and you all know how that ends. With her sisters ex boyfriend Josh ( he gets one of the letter ) and Genevieve( the ex girlfriend) still in the mix.

2. P.S. I Still Love You

The next book starts with Lara Jean and Peter trying a hand at their relationship for real this time . And in comes the problems associated with a relationship , the major one of them being jealousy. Here in the mix are Genevieve( the ex girlfriend) who in middle school was Lara Jeans bestfriend and John Ambrose McClaren( he got the letter too) , who was her crush during the middle school and the perfect guy every girl wants to fall for. The book ends with Lara Jean and Peter reconciling and deciding to give one another their hearts without holding anything back , as they truly love each other.

3.Always and Forever, Lara Jean

This book is like a final chapter to their story , which  you would want never  to end . It concentrates on them setting their sites on college , getting accepted and all that the anticipation of future gives a person , uncertainty. Though initially they plan to go to the same place , Lara Jean doesn’t get accepted there , but gets a way better college . Its about how beautiful first love is with the question whether it will also be the last , how everyone thinks breaking up is the best thing for them( mainly her elder sister and Peters mom) , but at the end of the day they  do what they feel is right for there hearts and hence decide on long distance . The ending chapters of this book are perfect

The actor and actress selected for Lara Jean and Peter are Lana Candor and Noah Centineo .

So fellow bloggers what did you think about this book series ?

And the ones who haven’t read , do you want to ?

And which was your favourite summer read ?

AND YAAAY! we are getting a MOVIE . How AWESOME can that be  ♥♥♥




The act of falling in love. shouldn’t it be easy ?

This is my favourite Kasie West book (and I have read 7/7 published by her).  what makes this book different is that it breaks away from the stupid bad boy stereotype, presenting that they are just misunderstood people with a  hype of muddled and threaded up stories following them.

So the synopsis is that Autumn and Dax (I felt that it was a perfect name) get stuck in the library literally for 3 days. And as you can understand rest becomes history. And I have to say Kasie West proof reads all the ifs and buts, explores all the ways they could have gotten out but are still stuck. So as they belong to different social circles they don’t know each other but are just acquainted due to the same school.

So it’s their story which follows them through the library and outside. How they both help each other deal with their problems (Autumn has anxiety issues and Dax lives in foster care).  That friendship and distortion is always the key . I believe Kasie West is one of the best YA writers ever who knows how to write the right level of mushy. As if she’s writing about two real people who exist out there somewhere and not just an another never going to happen plot!

I loved it and I hope you fall in love with it and its characters too! Because Dax is the best.




This is a book where you are supposed to shut out the chaos happening behind and concentrate on the cute couple (the guy is the president’s son and the girl is the daughter of the senator fighting for the president’s seat in the election). This being one of the best set ups for YA literature(in my opinion)

So a little synopsis. Kate’s mom dies so she ends up living with her aunt and uncle, but suddenly one day on the media it’s declared that she is the illegitimate daughter of the guy running for president, and then starts the roller coaster of getting a new family. A new dad, mom, twin younger brother sister and a grandma and lot of drama that comes with being there. And then enters Andy.

He’s just a guy that you like, who has flaws and accepts them, hates drama and likes Kate a lot! And the best part about him is that he never gives up . So it’s a simple (but complicated) story which was fun to read and I personally finished it in 5 hours and I loved it! How it discusses the complex issue of finding your father (really finding him), accepting a stepmom and falling in love with your new found siblings along with a few friend and boy drama ( what’s a book without it ) .

The book did go to deep in the president election process drama which could have been minimalized ! its character development was juggernaut. 

And the best part is the dad doesn’t like Andy. So boys whether you are a president’s son or not, dads never like the boys who capture their daughters hearts. So don’t take it too personally.

IndianEconCourse – Module 1

DISCLAIMER: Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian has in collaboration with IIT Delhi started a course on “CONTEMPORARY THEMES IN INDIAS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND THE ECONOMIC SURVEY “. I would be doing a write-up based on every module. Hope that it’s informative.


To understand today’s economic scenario we need to understand the economic history of India and of this huge world. World history comprises of 2000 years divided into 3 parts. Malthusian stagnation for 1000 years and then coming out of it and entering into industrialization. Coming out of Malthusian stagnation saw a period of divergence of North America and Western Europe from the rest of the world( they had a rise in standard of living).Asia started catching up the 1980s and hence convergence began.

There is a famous concept in economics of reversal of fortune. In the 1500s the countries which were rich have now become poor and those who were poor than have become rich now. India a case of it. During 1500s the richest dynasties were Ming China, Mughal India, and Aztec Mexico.

As per World Banks definition India is a lower middle income nation ($1026-$4035) and China is an upper middle income nation ($4036-$12475). Poverty with context to India is an important factor but we need to remember that 1$ can help you getting more in India than In the US. This concept is purchasing power parity as per which poverty line is defined as $1.90(PPP) per day.

Since WWII only 13 nations have transitioned from low income countries to high income status. China is stuck in the middle income trap and India is in the low income to middle income bracket. Some of those 13 nations are Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel and Korea.

There’s a famous curve the elephant curve which states the Indian and Chinese middle class and the super-rich in advanced countries have done well. In contrast the poor in poor countries and the middle class in rich countries have done poorly.

Indian independence comprised of three thinkers: Gandhi, Nehru and Patel. Nehru ji believed in industrialization and importance of state. Gandhi ji believed in self-reliance, a small independent communities and was anti industries. Patel was pro agri and business. Though at the end of the day we ended up following Nehruvian ideology because that was what the Indian market wanted. As per Bombay Plan of mid 1944 leading industrialists proposed state led industrialization and protection from foreign companies.

Every economy goes through 3 stages agriculture, manufacturing, and service sector. China being a communist state extracted savings from agriculture to finance investment. Whereas India couldn’t do as due to Patel we had made agricultural income tax free. Hence there was a Cruel Choice in front of India Freedom OR Growth? Hence India ended up having low savings. In the early 1960’s we used to get aid from western countries as we were there darling because they wanted democracy to succeed. Then we had one more Cruel Choice Consumption today OR consumption tomorrow?

India started having a equity phobia towards large businesses. Due to self-reliance nor did they let too much imports and with the help of licensing they even did not let domestic industries grow.

Our economic history can be divided into 4 phases

1. 1950-1980 when we had 3.4% economic growth and 1.3% per capita growth rate.

2. 1979-2003 5.5% economic growth and 1.3% per capita growth rate

3. 2003-2011 7.6% economic growth rate and 6.1% capita growth rate

4. 2011- present

India introduced reforms in 1991 but various economists believe that we had started leaving the Hindu growth rate of 2-3% from the 1980’s only. India and china had a turnaround in growth at the same time it’s just that they grew faster. In 80’s India opened up internal market but in 90’s it opened up the external market.

FDI basically refers to proving high skill technology and finance. India not only imports it but also exports it. We as a country are doing skill intensive activities in manufacturing in comparison to China. In regarding to portfolio investment China is much more closed than us.

To access the videos click on the below links!



“There is no intoxicant more dangerous than cheap money and excessive credit “- Benjamin.M.Anderson

So as you might have guessed from the cover above this book is about someone who ended up making huge bucks. Well to clear the mystery, Greg Paulson made $4billion in 2007 by betting against the housing marketing (his bet was that housing market would collapse like chunks of dominoes). It was the largest one-year payout in the history of financial markets.

This book overviews those who ended up making money when everyone around the world was losing it. Famously called as the 2008 FINANCIAL CRISIS”.  It revolves around GREG PAULSON, MICHEAL BURRY, PAOLO PELLIGRINI, GREG LIPPMAN, ANDREW LAHDE and JEFFREY GREENE. The ones who understood that something was wrong when everyone else was throwing bonus parties. That the financial industry was growing at a faster pace than the economy itself (a kind of financial alchemy being at work).

To me it cleared the landscape of the 2008 downturn and the years preceding it. How these few people could see and ascertain what others were oblivious about. It relays a time in the western financial world where even a kid in 4th grade qualified as a borrower. After the dotcom bubble in early 2000’s interest rates were reduced which led to excessive borrowing giving way to the housing bubble. There was a casino active at the world stage.
The book goes deep into numbers. Explaining thoroughly. The inside story of Bear Sterns, Deutsche bank, Morgan Stanley and many more are veiled out. It reveals how one side believed that the economy would grow to great lengths and another small group feared a dangerous downturn.
This books a must read for the ones who breathe and taste finance, who would love to understand the history of finance a bit better and for the ones who believe you can always be amateur and scale great mountains. And the book doesn’t bore at all.







First published September 1 2015 (MIT PRESS and then Penguin Books)

A few words

For a system resistant to change, nothing is as good as a crisis.”

(Feels like an apt saying for how demonitisation has struck us making us realize that this crisis was necessary to lead us  in the direction of being a predominated digitalized economy , which otherwise would have been a long bet)

So first when my dad told me about this book and that it’s one of the necessaries for a good economics student I persona

lly felt that it would be nothing special. I stumbled on it purely by chance (chances being next to none) in the library. After giving it a thorough read I would say that dads are always right.

Written by Ex-Chief Economic Advisor of India and World Bank, alumni of Stephens, who was also professor at Delhi school of economics. The book has tried explaining Indian politics and ideologies of our leaders; which ultimately shaped our economic policy. How India adopted Nehruvian policies with Gandhian policies entwined in them (making several of our policies contradictory as both these school of thoughts were the opposites of a magnet).Explaining in brief each period of our independence and its correlated growth (and reasons behind it).

It contains of the right mixture of anecdotes, adages, facts, figures, and even good stories behind words (why Ponzi schemes are called so).it’s a book must for someone who always had a thing for economics (a teeny-weeny crush)

The book was a peaceful boat ride stopping on shores of inflation (Hungary has had the worst episode of inflation in 1946 where prices rose by 3.8*10^27.  : worse than Germany before WWII), exchange rate, flaws and improvement in PDS, policymaking, and giving us a hope that ideologies of nations can always be changed for better (Japan and South Korea were slackers a century back).And a few ideas which the author believes can be implemented in the future.

An interesting fact mentioned in the book – The wealth of the ten richest people in the world is equal to the GDP of Nigeria.

Mr. Basu has mentioned in the book that economic policies effect one and all hence it’s a must to have a mediocre society in the verses of economics. I wholeheartedly believe that this book should be part of our education curriculum. Because after reading I felt so happy and my brain felt so heavy with so many points to hold on.

So stay tuned on my blog for a mini boat ride of interesting facts and overwhelming adages mentioned in the book.