It took me an all-nighter to finish the book. The story keeps you enthralled with all the adages (old sayings) related to love coming true. It’s a typical bad boy-good girl book but what keeps you hitched are the plot twists (I’m letting one secret out-the girls petty good with cards).the ones who have fallen in love can understand the ever-lasting passion and the one who haven’t don’t have to worry (the writer has a pretty good English).

So the pretty much basics are the main leads, their respective best friends(who are already in love),a very much required gay best friend, super cool college life, never ending fights(and the romance: that’s pretty much never ending too).

At times the cliché stereotype’s got a little bit more and after 70 pages I was like why there are so many pages left, they would end up together. The plot twists never end in the 400 pages. But above all it makes you feel and cringe for them. The books not only not about finding your love but also the hard work you have to put to stay together. So it’s the movie plus what happens after the movie.


  1. kashvi vohra says:

    Really liked the work done by u had all the great things and was mindblowing first time i have read blogs. I always used to think they r boring but my frst reading made me so happy

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