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“Why does a woman feel a man’s income is more important than hers? Maybe because it is important to men, and very few men are secure enough to just let this be “

It’s the first book written by CHETAN BHAGAT from a girls POV (point of view).It’s a beautiful. With well thought of characters. Everyone seems humane in it. I really liked the book (oppose to the mediocre ratings on www). I like the fact that he has tried presenting his opinion in such a humorous way. The seriousness has been adjusted with well-timed puns and punches.

Yeah the book is an open pamphlet for any feminist present out there. But it’s more that feminism. It talks about how we should be as humans. How the “choice” for a girl between working and starting a family is so very wrong to its core. When a guy doesn’t get to choose so why should a girl. He has tried touching those sentiments which are known of but not talked about.

The guy and their sentiments and feelings have been well described. Especially what they think, what they say and what they end up doing. So there are three guys in the book at different time of the protagonist’s life. He has touched various topics ranging from difference in income to being a good mother.

While reading you can relate as well as not at various points. But more than relating it’s about understanding what the author wants to share. All it wants to convey is finding the same footing for both the genders.

The book doesn’t dishearten you with a perfect ending showing that there are good guys out there too. It’s just about finding them, even if it has to be (irony being the girl wanted a love marriage).

10 thoughts on “ONE INDIAN GIRL- CHETAN BHAGAT Book Review.

  1. Ashita Milton says:

    Could you tell me if I can find a copy in Australia? I have read every other Chetan Bhagat books to date. I really would like to get a copy. It sounds like a really interesting subject.

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  2. intactawesomeness says:

    Hey kashvi. Thanku so much for your sweet words.I am giving these amazing book reviews so I can share with u and others the stories which are worth our’s good to know that u like them 🙂


  3. Somya Sahni says:

    Yeah I agree about ur view of the protagonist ! Though I think her background made her like that and the author wanted a lead with flaws.
    Though I learned one thing from the book if a boy keeps on saying feminism , doesn’t mean he’s one until he acts according to what he says.


  4. Somya Sahni says:

    Thanku .!
    Do read this one too . Its just I write book review about the books I really like , and I don’t even finish reading the ones that are shitty !
    I guess I am increasing your TBR 😂😇😎

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