So I have had the chance to meet a RBI governor (let’s say THE RBI governor – Raghuram Rajan a few months back) and now a startup co-founder (Abhay Tamaria of REDCARPET). We had a competition being organized in our college by our marketing society where this startup was a sponsorer.

I had a small chat with Mr. Abhay Tamaria (IIM B Alumnus-finance and marketing – that calls for a clapping) and what I distinctively remember him saying is that if you dream of being an entrepreneur start observing your surrounding cause the next big thing might be in front of your eyes and alongside start analyzing the market around you.

Basically red-carpet is any college student’s personal credit card (they are basically becoming the new credit raters for the future loan takers) a startup based in Delhi-NCR as of now with the plans of making big (their official site claim that it’s better to be good than to be huge). We all know about Paytm and PayPal, they are our personal debit cards so this is just the opposite of that. They stepped on this idea with their diligent thinking and business environment observation.

This indicates towards the growing micro fiancé companies in our country, that to the ones who are looking forward towards a stability. In today’s Indian economy with a 60 % population below 27 and with the new dynamics of micro finance credit has become the need of the day. Today getting loans for online purchases, movie booking, ordering food is what any college kid looks forward too. So here’s red carpet providing loans to students in easy EMI’s.

So I guess you college students after reading this blog you would go to your play store (the ones staying in Delhi-NCR region  … others it’s just a matter of time) and give this app a chance.



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