The baton being passed.

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan with deputy governor Urjit Patel.

So we all have embraced the news of a new RBI governor (the media leaves no one in a loop). For the past 2-3 days the newspapers have overflowing articles on what would be expected of the to be governor on prospects such as inflation, growth, deficit, growth along with deficit. (Really huge words for a layman).

As a new legal citizen of this nation(just turned 18) , a huge fan of Raghuram Rajan and a student of commerce background here are something’s even I would like to say to the to be governor( why should I leave a chance)


Congrats for getting such a prestigious chair because it’s a real tough one to get. I hope you continue the legacy and by your decision zeal and aura motivate kids of this generation to pursue subjects related to finance, Economics, accounts. Well the inflation rate is on my agenda too (how I can I leave that golden word). I hope you keep that controlled so that eating pulses doesn’t become a luxury. The forex reserves shouldn’t decrease too (because we Indians love dollars). Furthermore coming on a serious note. I read that when you worked with IMF at the Indian desk we were in the midst of our balance of payment crisis and you were a huge supporter of the nation of your origin so definitely thanks for that. Further that your policy of 3% fiscal deficit motivated the Indian government to try and achieve it.Thanks for it too. And what else. I guess nothing more. I would like to say all the best for this new journey and may the odds be in your favor.




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