1. BACKGROUND/OVERVIEW “Borrow Rs.100 from a bank, it’s your problem. Borrow a hundred million it’s the banks problem” Debt is classified as an NPA (Non-Performing Asset) when loan payments have not been made for a period of 90 days. It was RBI’s independent initiative to conduct a review of the NPA monitoring system during the … Continue reading COLLATERAL MISMANAGEMENT AND INCREASING NPA’s


How Airbed & Breakfast became Airbnb ?

"Creativity is the solution to all problems"- Brian Chesky , co Founder and CEO at Airbnb For those who don't know, Airbnb is an online marketplace where people can lease or rent short term lodging. The $31 billion company does not own any lodging but is merely a broker. So how did two unemployed friends(3 … Continue reading How Airbed & Breakfast became Airbnb ?

The McDonald’s Delhi story !

So just a few days back I was with my cousins , as we were celebrating Rakhi and the youngest of the lot my two brothers of 6 and 7 repeatedly kept on saying that they wanted to go to McDonalds , and we had to repeatedly answer them that they were closed and they … Continue reading The McDonald’s Delhi story !


IndianEconCourse – Module 1

DISCLAIMER: Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian has in collaboration with IIT Delhi started a course on “CONTEMPORARY THEMES IN INDIAS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND THE ECONOMIC SURVEY “. I would be doing a write-up based on every module. Hope that it’s informative. MODULE 1: GLOBAL AND INDIAN ECONOMIC HISTORY To understand today’s economic scenario we need … Continue reading IndianEconCourse – Module 1


Goods And Services Tax

It’s a uniform tax on goods and services uniformly taxed across the country (in our case India). There are two kinds of taxes direct and indirect taxes. In direct the individual pays the amount and in indirect intermediaries pay with the help of final consumer. All these direct and indirect taxes have been added in … Continue reading Goods And Services Tax



We all know that person who was once a friend of ours (that too for a short period of time) who when left us spilled our secrets too along the way. The same is the case with Snapchat and its ex-employee Anthony Pompliano who worked with them only for a short time span of 3 … Continue reading SNAPCHAT: REAL TRUTH BEHIND THE NEWS THAT GOT INDIANS TOGETHER