Made in India startup – jugnoo


A few days back I was going through YouTube (we all do that) I came across some videos about the concept of jugnoo (the auto hailing app) which struck a chord with me.The idea of penetrating the autowalas (who signify India whenever a Hollywood movie has to refer us) which is considered such a risky and bash sector was a really huge risk. Trying to make this sector more organized and trying to give them continuous work was a huge step. We usually see autowalas waiting for rides and the moment they get one they charge a really high price. Jugnoo has tried capturing and revolving around this problem. Trying to provide them (the autowalas) as many rides as possible with the help of app and charging lower from the customers (in comparison to the already prevailing rate). They try capitalizing on the huge frequency. The founders believe in having a few good people and provides training to them too.

Jugnoo is doing its own share of promoting technology friendliness. Due to this concept many autowalas under there umbrella have started using smartphones, internet. In their own way the startup is also motivating daily auto customers of jugnoo to become part of the e-finance world.  

What works for jugnoo is that it’s an indigenous idea made for the Indian scenario. Not an idea borrowed from the already reigning startups of the world which makes it so unique and worth a write-up! For they are helping the ones who have always been so misjudged.


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