The act of falling in love. shouldn’t it be easy ?

This is my favourite Kasie West book (and I have read 7/7 published by her).  what makes this book different is that it breaks away from the stupid bad boy stereotype, presenting that they are just misunderstood people with a  hype of muddled and threaded up stories following them.

So the synopsis is that Autumn and Dax (I felt that it was a perfect name) get stuck in the library literally for 3 days. And as you can understand rest becomes history. And I have to say Kasie West proof reads all the ifs and buts, explores all the ways they could have gotten out but are still stuck. So as they belong to different social circles they don’t know each other but are just acquainted due to the same school.

So it’s their story which follows them through the library and outside. How they both help each other deal with their problems (Autumn has anxiety issues and Dax lives in foster care).  That friendship and distortion is always the key . I believe Kasie West is one of the best YA writers ever who knows how to write the right level of mushy. As if she’s writing about two real people who exist out there somewhere and not just an another never going to happen plot!

I loved it and I hope you fall in love with it and its characters too! Because Dax is the best.




  1. delphinethebabbler says:

    Off topic comment: I LOVE your tattoo – so delicate! ❀
    Great post, though, I'm definitely going to have to look into some of Kasie West.
    I love that premise idea – getting lost in a field of books. πŸ™‚
    I've been trying to get back into the YA genre lately, given that I have a lot more freedom in terms of my reading schedule, having finally graduated from university so I just may add this to my TBR pile!
    I look forward to reading more from you in the futre Somya.. Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

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  2. Somya Sahni says:

    Hey congratulations on your graduation.! Yeah do give kasie west a chance , she’s worth it . Actually that tattoo ain’t mine, I read most of my books one pub and kindle , do i googled for the image. And I felt this was the most beautiful.!
    Hey Thanku so much for your kind words , they really mean a lot !πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Happy reading to u too! πŸ“š

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