End Of First Year! 

I believe that the almost gruesome , almost awesome 12 years of school are worth the 3 years of college which fathom upon us.Just a day before I had my last paper and it struck me that first year is over and I just have two more years of silly fun with these amazing people who just required a semester to become my world !

We all have heard about Delhi , the good and the bad but Delhi university is above all that . Its the best place to give ur brain wings to fly. I have to say I have never seen such a open society compared to the university !

I feel this year went off in a blink of the eye. But a good friend of mine says that it’s a good thing , it indicates a happy year !

My memory includes so many beautiful events  this trip we took to Red Fort , a sudden one as when we reached college we saw that our teachers were having a trip of their own.It was one of the best days.! When we sat for one hour in our seminar hall and waited for Mr.P.Chidambaram , when we spent our whole day in Srcc for its business conclave ( Urbanclaps CEO’s cuteness did make my day )

I hope this is just a glimpse and the next two years also pass by as beautifully as this one  did !

A toast for the next 2 years !💜💜💜


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Can we ever give away someone?

Then why are girls given away

At the pyre

Isn’t marriage mutual

Isn’t she her own person.

Can we ever own anyone?

Then how can we give away someone.

Isn’t she her own controller

Her own person, her own owner

Can we give away a boy in marriage ?

Oh! But it’s a patriarchal society

Male denominated

Nothing against them

Can we not give away anyone?

That would be a dream come true

Tough but not impossible

Isn’t equality what we preach

Isn’t feminism equality

Same level same footing

No one gender bending for the other

Giving one self to another !



“he didn’t hurt you , did he? His voice was surprisingly angry.

“no well , he just hurt my heart” 

This was my first book by KASIE WEST and I am definitely star struck with her writing. A short synopsis – GIA has to make her friends meet her boyfriend at her prom who dumps her last minute at the parking lot, panicked she sees another guy there whom she requests to be the “fill-in-Bradley” (Bradley being the name of the guy who just dumped her).Creating a facetious(sham). Then as you can all guess (it’s very obvious), the story is about how Gia and “fill-in-Bradley” fall in love.

It’s just not a love story but more than that. Its about how an equivocate(a lie) can sometimes be the best thing which can happen to people. About finding our own selves, whether our friends describe who we are, or is our generation obsessed with likes and retweets. It taught me that vanilla is the most loved ice-cream flavor in the world. That whenever people say “I’m fine” they are definitely going through something which is tearing their heart apart.

It’s a story dwelling on friendship (where Gia makes a new friend: someone she didn’t consider her type), love (the stranger guy would turn change every girls boyfriend goals), understanding between siblings, and lastly relationship with parents. It touches many topics beautifully making you fall in love with the book and its perfectly imperfect characters. It’s one of those books where one read can’t be satisfying enough to fill the space it has created in your heart. That fatalism is indeed true.

My reaction when I finished was “I never expected it to have depth and be light-hearted at the same time”. 

♥definitely 5 stars.



“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light”–Vera Nazarian

So this was my first book fair and it was all that I expected (it didn’t leave me disappointed).I could see all around me people trying to handle the weight of books they had purchased and those they wanted to. It had becomes a mad house till the evening.

The highlight of the day for me was when I could sit for the open panel of MR.DEEPAK NAYYAR (chief economic advisor of India in the early 90’s and vice chancellor of DU in the early 2000’s).He talked about his new book Employment, Growth and Development: Essays on a Changing World Economy. The Q&A session was very interesting where he talked about Indian agriculture, demonitisation and relation between growth and jobs. When I went and told him I would definitely read the book, he said “I right for the young minds”.

So if you are someone who wants to start reading this definitely a place from where you can choose as there is a plethora of books present there. And if you are an avid reader this is not an opportunity worth missing (you get the best deals).You can errant (wander) and still feel equanimity.

♦College and school students can take their I-cards (free entry)♦

♦It’s till 15 Jan.♦




A few lines

“It was always the good people that left, the people that weren’t afraid to smile or to love “

We have heard and read various love stories with characters as absurd as possible finally falling in love. Something similar on those lines happens in this book too. (Spoiler alert) The main character Ivan is an invisible friend of a small boy Luke who falls for Luke’s aunt and full time mother Elizabeth. The book has what you call a tinge of magic.

It tells that love isn’t being with someone physically forever but being in their hearts and cultivating the seed of hope. And that is what Ivan does with Elizabeth. He helps her to live again and not to consider life to be just passing of one day after another. He gives her a piece of his heart.

I would have to say that Cecelia Ahern always tries to create something different in her books and this was definitely different. In the begging for a moment I got confused how can the main character be invisible, though he slowly does become visible to Elizabeth.

This book takes you to Ireland, makes you fall in love with the country (mountains on one side, beaches on other and fields of jimmy jones to dance) and  the various characters specially Ivan ! So don’t miss out a chance of reading this book.



A few lines

“Why does a woman feel a man’s income is more important than hers? Maybe because it is important to men, and very few men are secure enough to just let this be “

It’s the first book written by CHETAN BHAGAT from a girls POV (point of view).It’s a beautiful. With well thought of characters. Everyone seems humane in it. I really liked the book (oppose to the mediocre ratings on www). I like the fact that he has tried presenting his opinion in such a humorous way. The seriousness has been adjusted with well-timed puns and punches.

Yeah the book is an open pamphlet for any feminist present out there. But it’s more that feminism. It talks about how we should be as humans. How the “choice” for a girl between working and starting a family is so very wrong to its core. When a guy doesn’t get to choose so why should a girl. He has tried touching those sentiments which are known of but not talked about.

The guy and their sentiments and feelings have been well described. Especially what they think, what they say and what they end up doing. So there are three guys in the book at different time of the protagonist’s life. He has touched various topics ranging from difference in income to being a good mother.

While reading you can relate as well as not at various points. But more than relating it’s about understanding what the author wants to share. All it wants to convey is finding the same footing for both the genders.

The book doesn’t dishearten you with a perfect ending showing that there are good guys out there too. It’s just about finding them, even if it has to be shaadi.com (irony being the girl wanted a love marriage).


Coming out of the rules and regulations of school college feels like fresh air. Living in Delhi and using the public transportation is a fun roller coaster ride in itself. Trying for all kind of societies (and not getting any) that’s fun too. The best part are the various sitting lounges where we can sit talk pass time between lectures become mega best friend or maybe even come up with some stupid ideas.

The real adventure is meeting new people daily (especially with a class of more than 60) and knowing them, and their essential details( transportation , location, school). Everyone’s good and sweet at college .haven’t got a bad review under the rug till now. The endless orientations are fun… And the beginning of missing classes (we bcom(h) people had to be really good student to be in Du. or maybe at memorizing) and getting this new idea of missing classes feels exorbitant


There’s hope it stays the same.