How Airbed & Breakfast became Airbnb ?

"Creativity is the solution to all problems"- Brian Chesky , co Founder and CEO at Airbnb For those who don't know, Airbnb is an online marketplace where people can lease or rent short term lodging. The $31 billion company does not own any lodging but is merely a broker. So how did two unemployed friends(3 … Continue reading How Airbed & Breakfast became Airbnb ?


The McDonald’s Delhi story !

So just a few days back I was with my cousins , as we were celebrating Rakhi and the youngest of the lot my two brothers of 6 and 7 repeatedly kept on saying that they wanted to go to McDonalds , and we had to repeatedly answer them that they were closed and they … Continue reading The McDonald’s Delhi story !

#kanyadan #myth #rebellion # women’s day 

Can we ever give away someone? Then why are girls given away At the pyre Isn't marriage mutual Isn't she her own person. Can we ever own anyone? Then how can we give away someone. Isn't she her own controller Her own person, her own owner Can we give away a boy in marriage ? … Continue reading #kanyadan #myth #rebellion # women’s day