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IMG_veqtng.jpgThank you so much Mills & Boon and HQ Stories for providing me with a review copy.

I liked this book soooooo much that right now while sitting and reviewing it my mind is blank and the only thing going through my brain is that this book was so good you know , just absolutely marvelous ( haven’t we all had that feeling after reading a super-fantastic book that all positive adjectives start jumbling up in our brain to describe it )

This book is a small town romance , the small town being Happily Inc. Its the love story between the two main characters Pallas and Nick.

Pallas was a very interesting character to read about. She is supposedly rich cause her grandpa started the oldest bank in the town and spreaded a story subsequently to save the bank which makes Happily Inc a very famous wedding destination . But due to her moms stringent rules she has to fend for herself through college. She has a very complex dynamic with her mom. She doing everything to please her , but her mom is never happy about it . Which subsequently makes Pallas feel that she needs to earn love and that love is not something given just because . She ends up inheriting Weddings In A Box from its previous owner cause he loved her as a daughter.

Now coming to Nick . He is an internationally famous sculptor who in his early years worked on glass and due a rift with his dad shifts to wood. He shifts to Happily Inc along with his twin brothers because he wanted to be away from his dad who is also a world famous sculptor but at the same time sucked away life and made his talented sons feel inadequate with a mom never stepping up for them. So it gives Nick a perspective that love consumes and people loose their identity in it. Anticipating a move to Dubai in a few months to keep him occupied he takes a job to do wooden renovations at Weddings In A Box.

What I liked about the book was that Pallas & Nick interact and have their cutesy moments from the very first chapter . They don’t rush into a relationship very fast because of their own personal issues but are there for each other from the very beginning . I really enjoying reading love stories like these cause it gives a lot of swoony moments for the main couple and make the book feel all the more real and authentic. Pallas has a girl gang of 6 super amazing friends who were fun to read about and even anticipate about what would their love stories be in the next books in the series . I was really excited about the tension between Silver and Drew (who is Pallas’s cousin) & I even ended up reading their book which is Not Quite Over You (Happily Inc. #4) and that was a pretty marvelous read too. P.S. Me going overboard with adjectives.

A major part of the plotline was Pallas accepting her inheritance and not being confused with the obligation she had to work at the bank cause that would make her mom happy. And she overcomes it by accepting that she needs to step out of the box while doing the weddings for her customers . Accepting their vague ideas , fulfilling their dreams and in a way making her own business a success and giving her a chance to make her creative juices flow. It was really nice to see how many of her vendors were actually her best friends. And actually Nick is the person who pushes her in this direction. At the same time it was also really tough to read how Nick and Pallas had such a broken relation with their parents.

So this is the first time after reading a book I could understand the joy of wedding planning and creating an amazing day for the bride and groom and how a wedding theme which has a personal reference for them can make the couple so happy.

So if you are a fan of small town romances, a love story which makes you light up and keeps you swooning till the very end, with an amazing set of friends , brothers and characters with depth and a lot revolving around wedding planning than this book will be perfect for you.

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  1. momminintherealworld says:

    I had not yet heard of this book but I am going to add it to my Kindle list! It sounds like a story that I would enjoy. Thanks!

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