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Thanks to HQ Stories for providing me with a review copy.

I have previously read a book by Sarah Morgan , it was Moonlight In Manhattan (you can click on the link to read the book review) which I really enjoyed but this one made me truly understand the huge fan following she has . This book has enveloped love , friendship, relationships transcending generations , forgiveness , heartbreak , betrayal , coming of age and Paris.

It revolves around two characters Grace who is in her late 40’s and Audrey who is 18 years old.

Grace is an amazing mother , wife , teacher , and granddaughter who is really happy with her life. She lives In USA . She is looking forward to her 25th anniversary with her husband David . Her daughter is about to go to college & her grandmom Mimi is a star who was a photographer born and brought up in France and is now living in an old age home near Grace’s house. Due to the circumstances which shape Grace’s childhood she is someone who loves predictability , certainty and planning out her life to the very last detail. But life being life everything doesn’t go as planned and when she presents her husband with the gift of one month in Paris for their 25th wedding anniversary he replies by asking for a divorce as it turns out he had been cheating upon her. These first few chapters were very sad to read cause they really make you question love. And to me as a person reading about cheating really hurts.

Audrey lives in London with her mom who is in an alcoholic and has always felt as more of a mother than a daughter . She loves her mom but has always felt that no one has ever cared about her wellbeing which was again really sad to read . She suffers from Dyslexia and what hurt me was that her mom didn’t try to help her through it . She is a part time hairdresser and really good at what she does. She is waiting for the dreaded school to get over and to gain her independence and from their her idea to go Paris gets born where she ends up getting a job in a bookstore cause it had the perk of providing her with lodging (with the help of her best friends cousin cause she sucked in French)

The book felt like a coming of age plotline for both the characters . On their first day in Paris through a chance encounter they meet and slowly and slowly their lives get tangled up . The author has shown the beauty of friendship how it can be created in the shortest of time with the most unlikeliest people. And how two broken people can mend each other’s heart .Grace being an amazing teacher helps Audrey learn French in an interactive way (keeping her dyslexia in mind) , she makes Audrey realise that she deserves to be loved and cared for and confronts and makes her talk about her mother and how she always felt left out from the beauty of the mother-daughter relationship . And Audrey helps Grace fall in love with her own self , find a past lover , get a make over & confront her fears and in a way slowly move on from David and finally start living truly for herself.

As we go ahead in the plotline the author makes the characters forgive the wrongdoers in their lives but what I liked was that the erroneous characters were made to repent to show that they actually deserved the forgiveness . Its just love is tough but it doesn’t mean that those we love can keep on breaking our heart , so I really liked that the author through her character development made those people worthy of the forgiveness.

The book is written in Point Of View of Grace , Audrey and at times Mimi too. I cried a lot while reading the book and the writing was just so beautiful that I had to put a standstill to real life to know what happens in Grace & Audrey’s. There is a super cute love interest for Audrey who works in the same bookstore and just their story was so well crafted and he can added into the soft , cute & nerdy boy bracket . The book made me think about relationships , talking and opening about what pains us to the people we love , and how beautiful humanity is in the way how a stranger who owes nothing to you can transform your life and can become the person who understands your pain and help you move on with it . This book has actually started making me crave for books whose central plotline is female friendship.

So just an epiphany . I have come across cheating on a spouse or a partner many times in books and movies and it has made me realise something that if someone cheats on you then you need to let them go cause that’s the only way for that other person to realise your importance once you are not in their life. And yes I have always stood by that Leaving is the correct decision but I have also realised that everyone’s story is different and above all if someone cheats on you its not your fault.

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8 thoughts on “One Summer In Paris| By Sarah Morgan| Book Review| Blog Tour|

  1. Shatarupa Dhar says:

    I have read her Mills and Boon/Harlequin range only till now. Among them, my favorites are ‘The Prince’s Waitress Wife’ and ‘One Night…Nine-Month Scandal’. According to Goodreads, I have read seven of her books. πŸ˜…

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  2. Somya Sahni says:

    I totally agree with you. They have such an amazing collection of books being published every month . And I belive they keep readers of all genres happy .
    One Summer In Paris has developed this special place in my heart . So I really hope that you like reading it tooπŸ˜ŠπŸ’


  3. Somya Sahni says:

    WoooW . 7 . That’s a huge number. Kudos to you πŸŽ‰. And I have added both these books to my TBR. So thank you so much 😘😘 And the names of both these books make the books sound so fun πŸŒΈπŸŽ‰

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