February Bookish Wrap Up (Part 2)


Hello . Welcome to my second edition of February Bookish Wrap Up. I ended up reading 13 novels in Feb and I just felt I should divide the mini reviews into 2 blog posts . You can read the first part of my February wrap up here

1. Hometown Heartbreaker by Maisey Yates


Presenting you all with another Maisey Yates book . Looks like she was my jam in February. This book is part of the Cooper Ridge Series. It revolves around a girl who has never had a home and a guy who feels that his home is suffocating him . Both the main characters meet in a bar where the girl is a waitress and the guy being the responsible person he is , tries to get his drunk father home. The main characters have an instant attraction . But in Maisey Yates style the main conflict was them coming above their own demons and accepting the love they felt for each other . I have a thing for books which involve a feisty leading lady , a good guy and lots of sex scenes.

2. The Austen Playbook by Lucy Parker


This book is the 4 th part in The Austen Playbook series . I literally screamed when I received a e-copy of this book thanks to the publishers . It rally made my day. The best part about this series is that it gives you a pretty good insight into the drama/television/movie world of Britain. This book has a pairing between a super happy actress and a grumpy cinema critic. Isn’t the match wonderful . What I really liked about the book was that once they realised their feelings/love for each other they didn’t let anything come between them . There is also an interesting plot line about how the girls paternal grandmother and guys paternal grandfather had a tumultuous affair years back and their is also a mystery surrounding that time which the writer perfectly infused in the story . So the first book in the series will always be my favourite but I believe this one gave it a tough competition. Lucy Parker has an amazing voice . How she makes you laugh , cry and appreciate the britishness of the whole plot. This book is a huge RECOMMENDATION from my side. Its releasing on 22 nd April so guys need to pick this one up. Thanks to Carina Press for providing me with a free e-copy.

3. The One I Love To Hate by Amanda Weaver


This book was a pretty good surprise. This a hate to love book which is pretty clear from the title. I have always that one is pretty tough to create and AMANDA WEAVER did an excellent job. The best part about this book was when they transitioned from hate to love . So both the main characters meet in college when they are pursuing journalism . It was kind of an instant attraction from both the parties but what came out was their excessive competitive nature . As we go forward in the book many things became clear . I sometimes think its all a comedy of errors. What someone say , and then how we perceive it and sometimes how our emotions become a road block in it. Both the characters meet few years later after college when they are working in competing media companies . So just to give a big picture the main guy is super rich and the main girl has always dreamed about being a investigative journalist and belongs to a tight-nit middle class family . This books has so many feels that I have actually gone and re read a few parts. This ones a definite RECOMMENDATION from my side. Thanks to Carina Press for providing me with a free e-copy.

4. The Soccer Player and The Single Mom by Kyra Jacobs


This one was a cute read but I am not exactly going to be recommending this one. The main character Felicity is a single mom who has a small cute son . One day in the hospital she ends up meeting a hot football player whos going through a injury . She ends up due to unforeseen circumstances being his personal assistant . The thing was there were so many right props for the book to be awesome. And though when I read it I liked it at times I felt it got boring and there was nothing substantial that wanted me to finish it cause it was very predictable. And I get it so many books are predictable but their is always something which gives them a spark . So this one didn’t have a spark for me. Thanks to Entangled Publishing for providing me with a free e-copy.

5. Mr. One Night Stand by Rachael Stewart


Thanks to HQ Stories and Mills & Boon for providing me a review copy. I was part of the blog tour of this book and you can read my full fledged review here. This one was a super steamy book which I would advise to be read at nigh (wink!!wink!!). It revolves around two bigwigs of the tech world who have an instant physical attraction for each the first moment they meet. But the next day they realise that they are co-workers . The guy ends up realising the day they met but it was too late and they were already drowning in lust for each other by then. It focuses on their family , their business life and both of them accepting that they love each other . This book is the perfect example of the new wave of Mills & Boons novels where the heroine’s love life and work dreams/success go hand in hand. Its a short read which will leave you hot , emotional and wanting for more.

6. By The Book by Julia Sonneborn


I read this book after I read a fellow bloggers blog post . And I am so so so happy that I came across it cause I am a huge fan of books inspired by Persuasion by Jane Austen ( The book revolves around a rich girl and poor boy who fall in love in their early 20’s but the girl gets persuaded to leave him by family/friends but then they meet after few years and the guys rich but at the same time they still love each other & there is a lot of yearning and jealousy but in the end they finally confess their feelings) . So what I always appreciate it what the authors do with the retellings and twist it as per their own liking . This revolves around two characters who fall in love in college get engaged but due to certain circumstances have a fight . Then they meet 10 years later when the main girl is a professor in a college and the main guy comes back being the Director of the college so technically her boss. The backstory was very well plotted and you realise both of them were equally responsible for the separation. Plus this book made me realise when we fall in love early years of our life due to circumstances one person usually ends up leaving their own dreams which is usually the girl . But in late 20’s , in 30’s we as people are more mature and have our priorities straight. It was a super emotional read with lot of angst , lot of love and yearning and I absolutely loved it . So a definite RECOMMEDATION from my side.

7. The Stand In Boyfriend By Emma Doherty

Thanks to the author and InkSlinger PR for proving me with a e-copy. This book involves fake dating. So it took me some time to get used to the books writing and honestly I was going to DNF it , but then something stopped me and then I got to read more parts between the couple(who were just perfect and did in the end become a real couple) and I am really happy that I finished it cause it was amazing . It revolves around a girl who feels that she loves her best friend but he keeps on dating other girls but then enters the main guy who wants a fake girlfriend cause he is scared his ex is not understanding the NO (this is pretty basic). What made the book amazing for me was that once they start fake dating the girl doesn’t automatically fall for the new guy , that her football dreams were pretty fun to read , that both the main characters had an amazing set of friends , their support group and how the feelings developed slowly and steadily (from the girls side cause their is her Point Of View) and nothing felt rushed. And the ending felt authentic , yes it was a happy one but the author wanted to show us that first the girl actually took a stock of her feelings for her best friend and then made the final decision. If you enjoy the fake dating trope you will definitely enjoy this one.
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    Do you know about any other Persuasion retellings.?
    And The London Celebrities series is just absolutely absolutely amazing. You would love it πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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