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Thank you so much Mills & Boon and HQ Stories for providing me with a review copy.

So if you have been following my blog you must have gotten a rough idea that I am a huge nerd of the ROMANCE genre whether it be contemporary, YA , steamy or even erotic. That’s why its really nice to come across a book which makes you realise that there is so much left for reading/exploring even in your favourite genre . What I have realised about Romance novels as a whole is that the only thing common between all of them is mostly the happy ending and that’s it . Because the stories are as diverse as the humans who write them and yeah even though a few of them feel familiar its the writing which makes the good books stand apart and I have to say ROBYN CARR is one of the greatest writers I have ever read . Her style was so different and so unique and I was so sad when the book got over ( its really nice to know that this book is the first part in THE SULLIVAN’S CROSSING series)

Now coming to the book and what it revolves around. The book follows Maggie Sullivan who is a neurosurgeon who is in a way having a mid life crisis. She has her own facility but then two of her partners get charged , she gets a lawsuit against herself and above that she looses her baby in the womb and her boyfriends reaction to all this is that she should stop crying and troubling him and take medical help , and you need to know that the guy is a doctor too. So in a way all these thing pile up and Maggie decides to go to her dads place and take a 2 weeks rest which ends up being more than 2 weeks. So her dad lives in Colorado where the Rocky Mountain Range lies. He has a he store at Sullivan Crossing which is actually a pit stop for hikers to get what they need or to stay during their journey or to start their journey and the store and area around it provide various other facilities to the hikers too. When Maggie reaches there in a day or so her dad gets a heart attack and that’s how the 2 weeks period increases , first in looking after her dad , then staying low because of the lawsuit against her and then in whether she really wants to return to neurosurgery.

So at Sullivan Crossing near her store they let campers stay and that’s where the main guy Cal Jones is staying and starts helping at the store as her dad Sully needs help with all the extensive maintenance. In the beginning Maggie is very cryptic about Cal and his whereabout history and presumes that he might be homeless. The author after a few chapters in the book starts giving us a POV (Point Of View) from Cals side too. About his 4 siblings , his Schizophrenic dad , mom who gave her whole life in being a wife and not a mother , a childhood spend being a gypsy and though he becomes a lawyer and a sense of peace does come during his adulthood , its taken away when his wife of 8 years dies with a rare disease . So while doing soul searching and yearning to climb the Rocky’s Cal reaches Sullivan Crossing.

In the beginning what begins as just late night talks between Maggie and Cal slowly and slowly becomes something more. I liked how the author didn’t rush with the romance though the characters start interacting with each other very early in the book and slowly develop a crush upon each other and help each other grieve and figure life out . The best part of the book was that it was very descriptive talking about the mountains, talking about the store and the characters history and the moment I would get engrossed in these details the author would wolly a surprise. So after half the book I realised if the book was slow and steady something surprising was about to happen which I actually really enjoyed. And Maggie and Cal as a couple were such a delight to read , I liked how they were super honest to each other about what they wanted, their confusions and their past and though Cal starts it a later there was never pressure from Maggie’s side. It felt like coming together of two people who had drifted from their life goals and happiness and finally found someone to come back home to someone they loved after a bad day.

Its just I really hope that my words have expressed how much this book meant to me. It was my weekend read and to be honest it actually took me by surprise. I really liked the slow and steady writing style and how human , relatable and authentic the book and its characters felt. Because more then judging the characters the author as a reader made me develop a sense of understanding for their actions. This book made me realise that your life can never be fully planned . That even in your late 30’s you can be wondering what you want to do next which I think that is just the beauty of life.

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