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This has been my first read of 2019 and let’s just say I belive I am of to a good start . Its also my first thriller after a year and I enjoyed it so much that I am all set to finish all my thriller novels first (this really never happens because I am always on the lookout for a YA or Romance , but lets just say that this books definitely affected my reading radar )

Now coming to the book. I will try to keep it short because I don’t want to spill any beans . Mr.Arrowood is a detective in the late nineteenth century in London . As Sherlock Holmes looks after cases of the rich and the government , Mr Arrowood looks after cases of the middle class and the poor; people who talk about Sherlock but can’t really afford him. So I am going to give you all an honest confession I have never been a fan of Sherlock Holmes maybe because he uses to much science or its just his work felt to intelligent me , so this was an underlying reason for liking Arrowood because even he doesn’t like Sherlock Holmes.

The case in the book revolves around parents who have just married there daughter off but have been not able to see her after the marriage and because of this they call Mr.Arrowood . This book talks about psychological and mental diseases and how those patients were treated back then . How even there parents didn’t love them and treated them as slaves and how there were so many prejudices beliefs. Though at the same time this was a period when a lot of research was happening to understand these issues and how to solve them.

Mr.Arrowood is a detective who solves cases through human emotions , reactions and behaviour which was really fun to read and understand . The book has been told by the point of view of Mr.Arrowood’s assistant . Other major characters were Mr.Arrowood’s sister who was a really nice character to read about (she is a strong women working for the betterment of other women through her mission) and his best friend who is there forever supporter.

Though Mr. Arrowood and his assistant start on the lookout for Birdy (the girl who is not able to meet her parents) at the house and town she is married but end up stumbling on a murder , a town where no one wants to talk about the family where Birdy is married and a police officer not ready to work.

The book has dealt with some heavy topics related to psychological disorders such as autism and down syndrome though the words used then were completely different and maybe a little racist too. I really liked how everything was not to so easy for them and they were not the most of the polish people. And though everyone was creating problems for them and questioning there capability as a detective they still managed to get everything done which just made the whole book more interesting to read.

Count this as a definite recommendation from my side. And I am planning to do a book discussion on it in the coming months where I can talk about the heavy topics the book has dealt upon.( Because by then there would be a lot of people who would have read it because I don’t want to give any spoilers)

Thank you so much HQ Stories for providing me with a review copy .





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