|The Memory Collector|By Fiona Harper|Book Review|

It took me two days to read this book.And I want yell on top of my voice and tell everyone and anyone that this book is a masterpiece and definitely worth reading. If you have ever had a thing for authors like Cecelia Ahern , Jojo Moyes, or Paula Hawkins (Its not exactly a phycological thriller but has a few elements of it) then you would definitely like this one too.!

This book is about Heather and the effects the events of her childhood had on her.! And through reading the book you realise Heather considers herself to be broken but I thought that even after those earth shattering events she was so strong and selfless.!

So starting with the Synopsis . Heather is a 32 year something old women who lives in Britain, has a cool job , a room in her house locked with her mothers hoard , a sister with whom she doesn’t have a very strong relationship and meets her just to stay in touch with her niece and nephew. And then comes the backstory. Heathers mom had a psychological disease . She used to hoard. Our houses have things we need but her moms had anything and everything with only a small chair available for Heather to sleep. The book transcend between then and now. Talking about Heathers present and future. You understand from the first few chapters that Heather has blocked the memory of her childhood in her brain. Its when her niece needs an old family photo that she finds the courage to have an encounter with the hoard. And she ends up seeing something which sets her on a quest to understand why her mom did what she did and to answer more questions related to her childhood.!

There is a love interest for Heather too , Jason. I wanted her to have a love interest buy the synopsis on the backside of the book didn’t reveal that. So I was happy knowing that there was someone for her. So this is my theory. Heather was a strong person and she is the one who ends up saving herself but Jason in a way was her knight in shining armour and so was her sister. They were two people who were there for her. When it comes to saving yourself from your demons only you have the power to do it but if you have people who believe you it just makes the whole journey easier.!

This book broke my heart but at the same time mended it. It’s a book with an impression with a story I believe I can never forget. It talks about human emotions so beautifully . The pain we go through because of our loved ones and the love we have for them even after they hurt us.!

Its a book highly recommended from my side. So if you think it is something made for you then do pick it up and give it a read. Yes there are elements in the book which are sad but its not a book which will make you feel sad moreover it will just make you understand human emotions at a deeper lever with a lightness in the writing which makes this book a gem.!

Thank you so much HQ Stories for sending this review copy to me.!



11 thoughts on “|The Memory Collector|By Fiona Harper|Book Review|

  1. Somya Sahni says:

    Hahhahaha. I totally get you. Though I love this feeling when I am going through my book shelf and see a book I bought or received a few years back and when I end up reading it and realise it’s a gem. ! Its as if you will always get time if not today then tomorrow or after a few years.


  2. Somya Sahni says:

    Hey Saphh. I am so happy that you are adding this to your list. I really really hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did.!! Happy Reading.βœ¨πŸŽ‰


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