Trust Me Not|By Ankita Verma Datta|Book Review|

I was provided a review copy by the Author and Writers Melon. It has in no was affected my judgement of this book.

This book has from the very first page reminded me of my forever favourite author John Grisham. Especially the style of shifting chapter after chapter the POV(Point Of View) between different characters that too with utmost clarity. POV basically refers to the person who is narrating the story at that point of time.

After all these YA books I consumed this summer I have to say that this political + corporate thriller kept me hooked from the very beginning

This book shows a hard corporate life , the mingling between colleagues , formation of friendship along with a constant mingling of a political fiasco on the borderline of eruption.

This book revolves around Reeva Rai who has a prestigious position in a top notch PR agency and how she navigates her work life which is full of turmoil due to the ever present background of two parties in a constant war on who is going to run the state of Maharashtra. It also navigates around her love life where in the beginning she is confused between two guys as we always are between our head and our heart 😏😍. Humorously the book has clearly pointed out that more than the politicians its the big business houses which keep these political parties in place.

The book is unpredictable at every point. And you will be contemplating at every point what will happen next. It surely reminds me of all the law thrillers written by John Grisham I fed myself with through all these years.

The book has an impeccable vocabulary present. Its easy to read. The writings very smooth. The characters have been developed properly. And I really like how the writer has at the same time shown backward and forward Indian parents because that’s the reality , the difference.

I am actually really happy that I got a chance to read this book. I was very apprehensive to pick it up (I have no idea why) but I have been hooked from the moment I started ( excerpt when i keep it down to watch cute baby videos on Instagram πŸ˜‰πŸ˜… )

“What was the emotions that set apart the possibilities of loving someone and being in love with someone ? “

STARS : 4.5 🌟





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