The Boyfriend Bracket| Book Review | By Kate Evangelista|

PUBLISHER : Swoon Reads (An Imprint of PanMaCmillan Children’s books)

GENRE : Young Adult Contemporary

I have read an another book by Kate Evangelista (No Love Allowed) which prompted me to read this one. And also because it has a gorgeous cover which reminds me of my love for colors.

Basically this book follows loving your brothers best friend romance ARC . So this is a love ARC which I have come across many a times in Romance novels but YA Contemporary genre don’t have this love trope in a huge number.

The book revolves around Stella who is in love with the A’s and the B’s of everything FASHION. And she has her best friend Franklin who shares this love with her. Getting to the cliche part , she has forever had a crush on her brother Cam’ best friend Will. Her brother is the protective type who scares away all her boyfriends. So she is immensely happy starting her senior year without her best friend and his pal who are of to UCLA. She goes for a makeover during the summer break and gets asked out by 8 boys and this is where the Boyfriend Bracket is born thanks to her friend Franklin. And the twist is Will keeps on coming back home to check on his grandmom and ends up disturbing Stellas thoughts .


The book is immensely predictable. So I can’t say that it would be entering my list of favourite YA s , though I can surely say it was an enjoyable read for a few hours with a few strong willed characters. So its not a must read but yeah if you need a book which you want to finish in a small span if time you can definitely give this a try. Or if you like the loving the brothers best friend trope then this might be a fun read for you.


1. Stellas love for fashion. The various references to Model Runaway, her favourite fashion designers and her spending a lot of time stitching. I could feel her living and breathing her dream.Wills a comic book creator which was fun to read about . I basically liked reading about the creativity their dreams symbolised.

2. The books really inclusive with Stella a Filipino and her Gay- Korean best friend dreaming of running the fashion world someday.

3. When Will and Stella are there in their secret relationship (because of her brother) they understand each others dreams. And don’t give shit to each other for following their dream and not giving time to another person. Which I felt was very cool.

4.Will s actually a really sweet guy. He wasn’t even portrayed as someone who hooked up a lot and then he suddenly realises he likes Stella and BAM! he has changed. Nope. That wasn’t Will . He did what Stella tries to do . He dated around a little but that’s it.

And I believe I am done with this book review. Thank you so much for hopping on my blog πŸ’™πŸ’™


So basically the name of the book is the boyfriend Bracket . And there are 8 guys involved. But her dates are mostly mentioned through reminiscing to her best friend. And the dates are not even discussed that much.

STARS : 🌟🌟🌟




9 thoughts on “The Boyfriend Bracket| Book Review | By Kate Evangelista|

  1. Somya Sahni says:

    Hey there. Thank you so much.πŸ’™πŸ’™

    It was definitely a quick read. I was actually surprised how quickly I finished it. There were a few parts which I loved immensely. But its just after reading so many YA s I can’t say that it was GREAT . But yeah it’s a perfect pick if you have a few hours and you want to read a cute book with good character development. !

    Thank you so much for hopping on my blog.😘

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  2. Somya Sahni says:

    Yoh can try summer of supernovas by Dary Woods. It was super cute and it had so many feels. The chemistry was electric . Could feel it from the pages. I guess you will really like that book.And it was even a short read.

    I will be uploading a review soon.πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

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