|MINI REVIEW|The Bucket List To Mend A Broken Heart| By Anna Bell|

Publisher : Zaffre Publishing

Rating : 5 STARS

Genre : Contemporary Romance Fiction

Girl gets dumped by boyfriend. Finds his bucket list. Decides if she will do his bucket list he will take her back. The main girl is not at all sporty and this bucket list consists of extensive outdoor work.When she starts doing the bucket list with all her grit she meets a guy who actually ends up helping her complete the list and slowly and slowly steals her heart too by being the perfect support system during her whole bucket list ( if someone can support you through a crazy bucket list where you have to cycle for miles , considering cycling not being something you love they can Damn support you anywhere and everywhere.

So what I really liked about it was that its a love story of two characters in their early thirties (and that it is set in the beautiful city of Pompeii). That you can have a cheesy romance , and the finding yourself period even when you are actually supposed to have gotten these things pretty much sorted, because it’s considered that by your 30s you should be super mature . That the main guy Ben is how you would want your main guy to be.! That he was so SUPPORTIVE. And even because both the main characters have an undying love for food. I really like books which include extensive eating of sweet stuff and super yummy Chinese because it makes those books even more realistic. And the sex jokes were super funny , the main characters had this underlying chemistry that you can feel from the moment they meet.

I believe that the book conveyed to me that sometimes a love story doesn’t have to be about lightning and fireworks. That it can also be about someone with whom you can spend the whole day and still not realise that the days going to get over. That they can become your best buddies seeing at your worst when you are all sweaty and grumpy.

And you would have telepathy just before your first kiss πŸ˜‰ πŸ’‹




4 thoughts on “|MINI REVIEW|The Bucket List To Mend A Broken Heart| By Anna Bell|

  1. bookswrthreading says:

    As a fan of strong romantic plots, I find it kind of discouraging as I get older that these plots are often reserved for teenagers or early-twentysomethings. The first book that broke that mold for me was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and I was totally captivated by their love story and it unfolded so beautifully without any fuss about age. So coming across your review was a happy coincidence because I’ve been pondering this for some time now and I’d most definitely give this book and their cheesy romance a read!

    A couple of reads that’ve blown me away in 2018, so far, have been The Red Word by Sarah Henstra, Stay With Me by Adebayo Ayobami, Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, and Sadness is a White Bird by Moriel Rothman-Zecher!

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  2. Somya Sahni says:

    hey there. I know I am getting back really late to you but its just I really love your comment and I wanted to reply back with all my heart . Thank you so much for recommending such amazing books I will surely check them out . And yes you are right there are so many books centered on 20 something protagonists. Its just why cant you discover yourself when you are in your 30s. So I have started reading more chic-lit books by British authors and a majority of them center around protagonists who are in their 30’s. You should checkout Mhairi McFarlane she is absolutely brilliant..!!!!! And these books are really funny and though emotional at times they do take into account the practicality of life..


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