Failure And You. Have you ever thought about it? The Big F by Maggie Ann Martin


Publisher : Swood Reads (PanMacMillan)

Rating : 4.5 STARS

Genre : Young Adult Contemporary

“Not till we are lost ,do we begin to understand ourselves ” – Henry David Thoreau

It took me four hours to finish this book. And I had to do it in one sitting / sleeping as my kindle lets me be in any shape to read a book. For some time I have been in a slump for writing a blog and this is even the Monumental 50 th blogpost of mine. So I have to say this book truly meant something or maybe a lot to me and I would be gushing about my love for it in the next few and many words which would come.For me deciding whether I love a book depends on whether the next day I feel like rereading it and this one I definitely wanted too.

So let me start with my mini Synopsis of this book :

This book follows Danielle a recent high school graduate who due to failing an AP English class learns that the college she always dreamed of going to study communications has rejected her. She is in a total bewilderment and perplexed as to how she would tell her mom who actually earns a living by helping kids decide their future and colleges. This leads to a spiral of her falling out with her mom , joining community college and meeting her 11 year old crush/old neighbor. This old crush Luke even ends up becoming her boyfriend. She also starts working in a bookstore in her college campus where she ends up meeting the quirky (because I guess this the best word to describe this character) and cute Porter Kohl (its such a different name ). And the story revolves around how Danielle manages the ups and downs of her life during the first semester of the college by chance .

Why Did I Like This Book ?

  1. It talks about failure and how maybe it can be the best thing that can ever happen to you. How It can make you brave and how it can definitely make you understand where your heart lies. It actually made me wonder that maybe failure would be good for me too.
  2. I could feel the zing between Danielle and Porter from the very first time they met . They were snarky to each other which was super cool. Danielle couldn’t stand not making conversation with him and was always super confused as to why. Its just I could feel their chemistry oozing out of the pages which I guess made me love this book more.
  3. Porter and Danielle are super comfortable in talking to each other. Its not just physical but emotional too. It actually made me realise that you just cant be with someone because they feel right in your imagination as Luke did , but they need to right for you in reality too.
  4. I liked how the mother daughter relationship transcends . Reminding that its one relationship which will always be complicated (at least for most of us)
  5. So Porter has this habit where he has these small diaries (they are everywhere so nothing gets missed out) and writes everything he sees transcending around him. Its actually a really cool idea.
  6. There is an amazing best friend and a cute little brother(definitely a future Oscar winner) in the mix which made the book all the better.
  7. Then there is this part where Danielle talks about finding beauty in small things like watching cartoons with her family , kissing her dad on the forehead, hugging her mom and finding her safe place in the crook of her neck. I have to say reading all these small things made the book even better apart from how amazing Porter and his wavy eyelashes were!

So all in all I would say it was a beautiful read. And has made be add one more character in my bookish boyfriends list. You should totally give a try , it would be worth a read.!




4 thoughts on “Failure And You. Have you ever thought about it? The Big F by Maggie Ann Martin

  1. Marie says:

    Lovely review! I’m really glad you enjoyed this book so much! I also recently read and enjoyed it, the characters were great and I really liked how failing just was one way for Danielle to find her true calling. It was really good πŸ™‚

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  2. Somya Sahni says:

    Hey. Thank you so much.! Its actually fun to read an amazing book and see a fellow blogger love it too. And yes even I liked how the author dealt with failure in this book. While I was reading it I would go and stand in front of the mirror and tell myself its all right to fail, failure is good.! It actually made me realise that its failure which makes us realise our inner dreams.

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  3. Somya Sahni says:

    Aaah. You will love it. I found it out of nowhere and was so haaapy that I did.!! the book has a lot of feels. like from the very beginning you can feel something is going to happen between the main two characters though they don’t hit off instantly.!!!


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