The Upside Of Falling Down |By Rebekah Crane| BOOK REVIEW|


*I received this copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

“Yes, my limbs and my heart and my mind work, for the most part . But life should be about more than that , right ? The story. The moments . And I have lost mine “

Author: Rebekah Crane

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fiction

No of page: 247 pages

Publisher : Skyscape (Amazon Publishers)

Publishing Date : 30 January , 2018

You sometimes come across these books where the main characters are wandering in their own life , trying to find themselves and what defines them . Well this is that kind of book . And through the whole story the main protagonist Clementine Haas ( also known as Jane or Bunny ) tries to find her inner self (SHE END UP LOOSING HER MOMORY DUE TO A PLANE CRASH) . And through this book even I started questioning who I really was and what do I really want in life.

So now getting to the basics of the story and why Stop correcting “i” loved it and why it has become close to my heart. It took me a day to read this book and I seriously was ready to forgo my sleep to just know how it would end. This book takes us on a journey of Clementine Haas who looses her memory after a plane crash . She’s a lone survivor and unfortunately or maybe fortunately remembers nothing(nada) about who she was before the plane crashed.

This leads her to run away from the hospital before her dad comes and picks her up. Basically she is scared that she would not be able to remember who she really is which her from going back to the life she remembers nothing about. She ends up meeting Kieran (the main guy and the eventual/forever love interest) who helps her in running away and she ends up staying with him , where she tries to befriend his sister (which is a very tough job) and ends up making a good friend in a goofy/cool owner of a shop which was portrayed as a perfect place for the artists and hippies within us. This whole time you need to know that she is lying to everyone and not telling who she really is.

The book basically concentrates on Bunny’s struggle of finding who she really is. Is she still the same person who she was before the crash or does she want to be someone new. Though she wants her memories back she isn’t able to remember anything about her past, and the things she does come across they look like a story of a different person. Through all this Kieran becomes her rock ,the person she starts assigning her happiness with. Someone who eventually teaches her that she can be her own rock.

The author has used a few twists and turns which made the book romantic and intriguing at the same time. There are many quotes and adages used which give the perfect blend to the story. Its a perfect coming of the story with characters you would be able to relate too. This book made me constantly wonder and question who the real me was . It Focuses on how important memories are. And how important it is to live in this moment because we never know what would happen next.

And yeah one more thing so this book is centered in Ireland and trust me it would make you fall in love with its scenic beauty , the never ending rains, the huge mountains and the lovely beaches. Making you wonder when will you take a trip there.

So read this book if you want a perfect blend of Young Adult contemporary , coming of age and a sweet and funny love story .

And one question for everyone out there : what would you choose TRUTH or DARE ?

“His lips aren’t far from mine and I wonder if people are like food. Do I need to taste him to know him fully?”





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  1. Somya Sahni says:

    Hey there. You know this comment just made my day. You just said the gist of what I actually think in my brain while writing the blog !

    Thank you so much.! πŸ’―πŸ’›

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