Moonlight Over Manhattan By Sarah Morgan – A Swoon Worthy Book Review


moonlight over manhattan sarah morgan

“Do one thing every day that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Author: Sarah Morgan

Genre: Contemporary Romance  Fiction

No of page: 384

Publisher : HQN Books (Harlequin)

Publishing Date : October 5th 2017

I won this book in a giveaway and I really thank my luck to be able to read this book. I finished it in one day , trying to squeeze reading it anywhere and everywhere. Its a contemporary romance novel one of my favourite genres and I think I have landed upon a pretty damn good writer. This book made me cry and laugh for the main protagonist Harriet and I was happy that it was written from the Point Of View of both the main characters. This book is full of hope , which will keep a smile plastered on your face the whole time you read it!

The book revolves around Harriet who has come up with this plan which is “Challenge Harriet” , which is doing something everyday that challenges her. Which I found to be a great plot point in the book , making me wonder should even I start it . Though there are reasons both related to her childhood and adulthood which lead her to making this plan.

So as this plan unfolds one day she ends up twisting her leg due to which she has to go to the hospital where she end up meeting Ethan the man she would eventually end up falling in love with. Harriet is a dog walker (she has her own company , plus its New York) and Ethan ends up babysitting his sisters dog. As he is super busy with him being a doctor, and as circumstances and coincidences prevail he and Harriet end up staying together to take care of the dog and eventually , I guess you know what happens eventually.

Though the story is predictable the book is amazingly written and the well crafted background of the protagonists , their issues , their problems , and how they both end up helping each other is what made me love the book .

Though I did feel that after the climax occurred I would have loved to know Ethan’s Point Of View too which wasn’t there. Its just the story was so powerful and romantic that the ending left me crushed as if it could have been better or maybe I was just sad that the book got over.

There is thing that Harriet believes about love that I would like to share , its that you can love someone all you want but if they don’t love you back there is no point in staying together because it would bring misery to both of you! That yes be fearless and fall in love but stay with that person who loves you back for who you are , who reciprocates your love.

So this book is for everyone out there who loves romance , needs a good Christmassy read, is in love with snow and New York and has a thing for dogs and how adorable they are.


moonlight over manhattan sarah morgan






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