The Burning Queen Rani Padmavati By Anuja Chandrumoli – Book Review



“Alauddin Khalji suspected that the only thing that he had truly succeeded at was burning to ashes his own happiness in the flames of hatred that had consumed so much. And so many.”

Author: Anuja Chandrumouli

Genre: Historical Fiction

No of page: 240

Publisher : Juggernaut Books

Publishing Date : November 24th 2017

It took me four days to read this book and I have to say it was on the heavier side with lot to assimilate especially the culture (both the good and bad) followed by both Rajput and Muslim kings. Before I go any further I would like to point that this book is an historical fiction with valid references listed in the end , so as the beauty of history entails the events in it can be true or not.

It begins with Padmavati the almighty heroine and praises of her beauty , but as you read on you realise she wanted to be more than a pretty doll , she wanted a purpose to her life which she finds. With Alauddin Khalji rampaging India on a tryst to own all of it , the Rajput Kings plan to form a coalition as per which Padmavati is married off to the King of Chittor. And yes its partly a love story too because they are never able to loose each others sight and reminiscence in their love.

I read many books (I have already finished 73 for this year) but they din’t affect me as strongly as this one did , its a beautiful piece of historical fiction. I had at many times closed the book just to assimilate what I had just read . Being fictional I understand that the facts cannot be 100% accurate but I was aghast with the cultural traditions followed by both Rajput’s and Muslims. How wives were just someone to have sex with , it just made me really sad. And I believe I could feel those emotions because of the author. Slowly and slowly I fell in love with the love story of Padmavati and the King of Chittor though she was his second wife , it made me sad about how war just ends up digging trenches of misery for everyone and time and again it pointed out the biggest folly of Indian Kings which was coming together as a team instead they were busy showing off how awesome they were.!

In my opinion this book is a good read for anyone who has loved history as a kid or has a fascination with the Rajput culture or all in all just wants to read a powerful and a moving story about man kind which in its primal sense since has changed but not much. Because the ideals they talk about attaining centuries before in this book , those are the same ideals we talk about achieving today.

The author has given a slightly different viewpoint to the happenings of the war and the reason behind it (different from what we have heard the movie is going to show). Though for that you will have to read the book and trust me it would be worth your time and money.

Disclaimer: Thanks to the author for a copy. All opinions are my own.





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