Bag Exchange By Trishna Damodar *Book Review*


“Who said anything in life is easy ? And , if it is easy , it’s never worth it ! So go and don’t give up till you get her back ! “

From the beginning the male and female protagonists had a sizzling chemistry shimmering between them. As you might have incurred from the name , exchange of  bag occurs between the lead characters at Delhi Airport . They meet when they both take off from Mumbai and keep on giving gooey eyes to each other , and during this process when they are collecting their bags from the carousel , the *BAG EXCHANGE* occurs and in a way takes them off to an unexpected life journey.

     Tia is a really sweet girl , whos the apple of her mothers eye , and shares a strong bond with her . Sameer is the quintessential bad boy , with good looks , dreams of becoming a rock star , rich parents , and a truck load of abandonment issues . Tia is on her way to Delhi for her best friends marriage , and  Sameer is enroute  Delhi for a live performance (though at a small scale ).

They hit it off from their first meet , with a few setbacks here and there (we all are humans and we all make mistakes ). Though I have to say our female protagonist was pretty cool and not the jealous types , keeping a perfect composure during encounters with Sameer’s previous love montages.

The book was a simple read which gave me all the feels. Its thoroughly gripping and you don’t feel like leaving it. There’s an interesting climax which brews off and you can whiff it from the beginning . Reading the book you realize that there was something in Tia’s    past which still troubles her . They both have a really great bond , and in a way make each other better.

All in all I was happy making this book my weekend read , because these chance airport encounters are seriously true ( I have had one myself). Relations have been beautifully portrayed , with the protagonists mom and her friends playing a big part . Even Sameer’s best friend is a huge support in Sameer’s life.So I personally felt that at points the English faltered , that though there was suspense there was nothing new or refreshing about their romantic journey. I can say that where the English faltered the story took it above with all its mushy feeling . So I cant say its a must read but its definitely a read that wont disappoint you and you would close the book with a smile on your face , and maybe a tinge of desire to meet someone special in an out of the blue manner.

Disclaimer: Thanks to the author for a copy. All opinions are my own.

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