The Upside Of Unrequited By Becky Albertalli Book Review

“You get to want whatever you want. And you know what ? Love is worth wanting. “

There are a few books that you read , in which your mini-me starts shouting in your brain and saying ” I can totally relate to it “. Well that just happened with me while reading it . It  talks about weight issues, crush issues and also about issues which are just part of growing up. It took me two days to read it , and I completely loved being in the protagonists head and hearing out her thoughts .

Molly Peskin-Suso  is a 17-year old girl , who has a twin , two lesbian moms (one of whom is black ; no offense to anyone just to symbolize the diversity ) , a brother whos a toddler and they are Jewish. The diversity factor is well portrayed in the book. She has till date had 26 crushes , but never a heart break as she never had the guts to go and confess to the one she liked . I really like this point , because as teenagers we have many crushes but we always wonder is it worth going and telling.

So the book starts with Molly’s twin sister getting a girlfriend , and then how slowly her world starts changing , though her sister tries to hook her up with her girlfriends best friend Will , you can just not feel the chemistry . Through the book you will start realising that Molly is on the heavier side but beautiful in her own way ( though there are people around her who keep on pointing this out , especially her grandmother who has her own reasons ) . But the best part is our protagonist is comfortable in her own skin , which is the most important thing for anyone at the end of the day .

“Because when you spend so much time just intensely wanting something and then  you actually  get that thing ? Its magic ! “

And then there is a guy in the picture , Mr.Reid whos just amazing . Molly meets him during her summer job and they just totally hit-off , just as friends in the beginning and for the something more you should go and read the book. Their relationship feels something which can happen , something which is possible.

The book has dealt with growing up , how we grow apart from our siblings in adulthood , though they were our partner in crimes during our childhood. That wanting a boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t make you less of a person , and its never wrong to want something . And that if you really really like someone just confess , yes it might hurt but its just rejection and you will definitely move on from it . Because life is all about accepting changes !

And I would like to give a special mention to her best friend Abby (who was also her cousin ) , though she is away from her , she’s the one who realise Molly’s dilemma and tells her to take an action and decide what she wants . Though far away she’s there for her when needed.

” I am not trying to overthink things. I am trying to be less careful. But you have to be your own hearts golie “

7 thoughts on “The Upside Of Unrequited By Becky Albertalli Book Review

  1. Satou Johns says:

    Great review! I have heard so much about this title! I love books that deal with growing up and coming of age. I think I haven’t gone through that stage completely… yet… XD

    Confessing to someone is such a hard thing to do! I think that is why I have liked much about this titles that hopeless young love!! :3

    Thank you for sharing and for such a review! I will keep an eye on your blog!! I hope you could check out mine :3!

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  2. Somya Sahni says:

    Hey there. You know when a few weeks back I read this comment it just made my day . I think these small comments on the blog are the best thing about blogging. So my exams were going on then and I couldn’t just write a bland thank you . So yeah the reason behind the late reply . I just want to say thank you sooo sooo much for reading it, and thank you so much for sharing your inner most thoughts . I guess that’s another thing about blogging , we can share our inner most weird thoughts and still not feel awkward . !

    I went through your blog & damn its good.! Will keep an eye on it tooo.!

    And I guess you are right. Though I am in my last teens , I don’t really think I will ever get over the feels YA books are able to give me 💛

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  3. Satou Johns says:

    I like YA books for all its lovely things! like the “ideal” world we all wanted to have! the friends that were comedy freaks and the gay friend that nobody judges and so on haha I don’t know I think authors portrayed that utopic world XD

    Awww thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and for commenting! I know exams can be a pain in the neck and might take all of your time, been there, done that… but I am out ❤ haha That is what I like about blogging too! talk about books and express how one feels about them! I like your blog a lot, so keep it up!! ❤

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  4. Somya Sahni says:

    Thank you so much for commenting. And I totally agree with what you are saying. How they create the perfect world. But sometimes they create the real world also which makes me cry bucket loads of tears. I am not a very emotional person but I believe books have made me. ! Especially YA books.

    And what are you reading currently .?

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  5. Satou Johns says:

    Oh I don’t know if I have read a YA to be that “realistic” haha I think most of the ones that I have read have that “this will not happen to anybody” kind of event haha
    I am currently reading The Sky is Everywhere! 😀

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