Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree by Rajan Sankaran Book Review


“What happens after you die ? Lots of things happen after you die. They just don’t involve you ” – Louis CK

We read so many different books which teach us about life and its complexities in small morsels , well I believe this one was a three course meal on life and its meaning . The author is a world renowned homeopath and has tried sharing his own life journey and its twinkling moments. Its an accumulation of worldly anecdotes which teaches you to breathe , and enjoy life for what it is . The book has a spiritual aura to itself. Its full of mesmerizing words , and there were moments in the three days it took me to read the book , that after reading a sentence I would close the book and feel wooow he totally has a point .

It begins with a little focus on the family tree , with the author sharing about his equation with his parents. How he was there only child , and his dads death during his college years left an open space and yearning for a fatherly figure .  He has mentioned that his mom was his best friend and the one who always stood by his side . The book even lets you glance into the world of homeopathy and how its different from the modern medicine we see and hear about . It leads you to respect homeopathy and what its principles stand for .

The title was definitely intriguing , something which led me to read this book . Though there’s a dog , a yogi and banyan tree mentioned in the book , I think it meant more than that . I believe that the author wants to say that there are various moments , people and things who leave a lasting impression on us , and to symbolize it such a different name was given . Basically the title has a deeper meaning , just as human life does.

“What is it that lies in your DNA ? It is unique , isn’t it ? Your DNA makes you different from the rest , so do not make any comparison .”

The first half of the book concentrates on the authors life journey , how he completed his education , the break through he made in his workspace , and the plethora of people he met through his journey who all taught him about life in their own special way , making the author a better human in heart and soul . The next part is about spirituality that the author wanted to seek , the feeling of oneness with god , and the incidents which happened in his life which gave him a better meaning of humanity and its depths which we all ponder about .

All in all it was a great read and I definitely got to learn various things , with stories I might never forget. Though just being in my last teens I couldn’t really relate to the spiritual elements and questions related to life , death , and our humanly existence .

” Ethics I understood , is not about doing right by others but by doing right by yourself “

Disclaimer: Thanks to Think Why Not for a copy. All opinions are my own.

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