Army Girl Steals Civilian’s Heart by Oswald Pereira  Book Review !

” Your roots, your past ,are like beacons, guiding you towards a bright future ” – Alex Haley’s Roots

Marriage is , has and will always; for generations to come be a tough decision , and we Indians have made it tougher with all  our societal, religious, and economic division’s becoming a part of the decision making. A decision which already makes those two people sweat. ( Its a choice which should depended on who the next person is not on the tags he/she carries)

So basically this book begins in the newsroom of Newstimes (a newspaper company) in Mumbai with the girl entering in her beautiful attire and the guy getting mesmerized by the angel ( this happens, but eventually). It takes us on a journey of Oscar Pereira( the civilian journalist ) and Amrita ( the new trainee whos an army girl). There is this underlying feeling in defence families that civilians have and will always be different from them (mannerism , and the right behavior for society is the dividing factor). They consider there mini world of defence to be the beginning and the end .The writer has captured these emotions and factors beautifully( I can vouch for it as I have been a witness to it). It doesn’t take them a lot of time , to fall for each other on the various mini dates they go for . Many months of attraction and catching each others glances comes to an end when Oscar calls Amrita for his birthday party (she’s the only one invited).I believe that sometimes two people just have a connection, and you don’t need many chance encounters to realise it .

But being the Indian society this was the easy part . As you might have deciphered from the names ; Oscar is a Roman Catholic and Amrita is Punjabi. Though I have to say the writer did not stretch on the parents part , and yes it was hard to convince them but these two kids did a fantastic job in that department. And I believe the religion part was handled really very well.

The book has an amazing collection of words ( so keeping a dictionary is advised). Though it did at times falter with the story line  The love story felt real , as it even concentrated on their jobs and its decisions and not only them stealing glances. Though I believe more could be written for the development of their love for each other( it wasn’t a love at first  encounter , but when they did see each they both were taken by the other person). It was a light read and I believe a lot of it was predictable. The writer could have goeten something new on the table , something different. Because at the end of the day all the love stories are same , its just their journey which makes them unique. It just felt that love came easily to them ( but is love ever easy to come ?).

So all in all I felt that the book was an easy read , and I would like to try a few more books by this author. Though I feel that this authors romance is not my cup of tea . This book is for everyone out there who loves someone ;  who doesn’t belong to the same social setting , so read it , as it will definitely give you courage .

Disclaimer: Thanks to Half Baked Beans for a copy. All opinions are my own.

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