End Of First Year! 

I believe that the almost gruesome , almost awesome 12 years of school are worth the 3 years of college which fathom upon us.Just a day before I had my last paper and it struck me that first year is over and I just have two more years of silly fun with these amazing people who just required a semester to become my world !

We all have heard about Delhi , the good and the bad but Delhi university is above all that . Its the best place to give ur brain wings to fly. I have to say I have never seen such a open society compared to the university !

I feel this year went off in a blink of the eye. But a good friend of mine says that it’s a good thing , it indicates a happy year !

My memory includes so many beautiful events  this trip we took to Red Fort , a sudden one as when we reached college we saw that our teachers were having a trip of their own.It was one of the best days.! When we sat for one hour in our seminar hall and waited for Mr.P.Chidambaram , when we spent our whole day in Srcc for its business conclave ( Urbanclaps CEO’s cuteness did make my day )

I hope this is just a glimpse and the next two years also pass by as beautifully as this one  did !

A toast for the next 2 years !💜💜💜


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